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KENS Chapter 19

Chapter 19 The GodSlayers (3)

The fist that was swung struck the ground with a force enough to smash the earth.

Even though such a reckless attack should have made it show a lot of openings, there really was no chance to counter back. Black skin that felt like steel. But I think that it was actually even tougher than steel.

The moment that fist struck the ground it did create a small earthquake like effect in the surroundings. That stopped those moving towards it to counter attack and the rest who still jumped at it while shouting were deflected away by its other arm.

It seemed ridiculous but it was totally like an Ogre. Truly an attack completely dependent on brute strength.

Normally speaking, an Ogre has an height of about 5m, dark red skin and a single horn on its head. Its limbs are similar to a human’s, but its fist could split even a rock in half. They rarely group together, at most 2-3 would stay together.

They have a wild temperament that makes them fight even with those of their own race and even treat goblins and Orcs as prey. Ogres were considered the biggest threat on this continent ruled by humans……you could even call them [tyrants] of sorts.

But this monster rampaging in front of me was even bigger than a normal ogre at a height of 6m. It fist could smash the earth itself, let alone rocks. It’s jet black skin was hard and was easily withstanding the magic attacks and arrow support without doing anything.

It’s appearance was that of an ogre but felt like a totally different monster. It’s similar to that black Orc that could use magic.

—–It’s similar to that of the arm of the Demon God.


[…….It’s difficult to pierce through.]

While hiding my face till upto my nose with my mantle, I clicked my tongue. Even Ermenhilde seemed to be slightly irritated.

The cloud of dust was really harsh and it made even breathing difficult. Another problem was the screams and shouts of the adventurers surrounding that black Ogre. Loud voices end up stimulating Ogres. It’s difficult to make sure that the Ogre doesn’t switch target to these adventurers.

And also, the Demon supporting this Ogre.

Grey hair that reached his waist and wings like that of a Falcon. A tail grew out of his back at the end of which was a mouth with sharp fangs. That in itself was also a weapon.

The sclera of his eyes was slightly muddy black and his pupils were red. His own teeth looked similar to humans. The colour of his skin was pale-bluish and he was wearing clothes similar to humans as well. Even though he looked like a human, he was a completely different existence.

It was  race that had features like wings tails and above all, incredible magical energy not possessed by normal humans. That was indeed a Demon.

Flying by putting magical energy into its wings, and releasing magical energy that seemed to distort the atmosphere was enough proof for that.

Magical energy that could be seen by naked eyes was possessed only by us other world travellers and Demons.

“Can’t we shoot him down with something?”(renji)

“I’ve been trying but he always dodges the one-shot types…..”(aya)

“And the stronger ones?”

“……That’ll end up dragging the surrounding adventurers as well.”

I see.

Aya, who I was protecting behind me, said that with a regretful voice.

She won’t say it directly but its clear that the surrounding adventurers are becoming a restraint for her. Me and Souichi could quickly get away from the Demon and the Ogre the moment Aya used her magic.

All of this is the fault of that Black Ogre.

There are moments where it makes dull movements. Every adventurer tries to use that moment to try and attack. That certainly is an opening but it’s useless if your attacks don’t work on it.

It’s probably intentional I think. By doing that, it can limit our movements—–and also block Aya’s magic.

I can’t believe that an Ogre would have that much intelligence but it would be normal considering a demon is controlling it.

“—–Renji-niichan, what do we do?”(souichi)

Souichi who was fighting the Demon came near me and asked with a troubled expression. In fact I want to ask that you know?

Aya held a wooden, magician-like staff in her hands and Souichi held a beautiful transparent bluish blade.

It’s the sword that’s referred to as the Goddess’ Holy Blade by everyone. Even though it was actually given to him by the Spirit God by contracting his whole body to a spirit……..The Goddess was totally irrelevant here.

At most, the Goddess had acted like a middleman and talked to the Spirit God or so I’ve heard, but that’s all there was to it. It should be called the Spirit God’s Holy Blade in fact. But even then, everyone else made up stories thinking that since we were summoned by the Goddess and were provided Divine Protection by her, so the Holy Sword should also be given by her.

I really don’t want to know anymore of an adult’s foul mind. In fact I find it admirable that the spirits didn’t come to say anything even after knowing this.. Well, they can’t really talk though.

“It’s simple. We strike down that Demon first. Then, we kill the black Ogre.”

This black ogre and the previous Black Orc, there are  lot of things I want to ask that Demon about.

Why could I feel the Demon God from these two? And above all, why can a normal Demon summon a underling of the Demon God.

How should I say this, no matter how I look at it, this Ogre is much stronger than the Demon himself. The hierarchical order should be reverse. Intelligence wasn’t important here. The [Demon God] was that special to the demons. Well it’s obvious considering he’s their God.

And that is why it was too weird that this Demon could control an underling of the Demon God.

“Okay. Let’s fight as usual eh?”(souichi)

I really don’t think a 18yr old guy should be saying that while smiling. To kill and whatnot.

Well, it’s considered normal in this world though…..But as someone who knows children of that world, I can’t get used to it. In fact are Souichi and others normal considering they got used to this world?……..

While I was thinking that, Souichi ran once again to pull the Demon’s attention to himself. He looked like a single shadow. He moved with such a speed that could only make one recognise him as a black shadow.

That speed was so fast that I could only follow him barely even with 5 of the covenants fulfilled. If one was to tell me to cross swords with him now, it’d be impossible for me.

Souichi, who closed into the Ogre in an instant, slashed at its thighs. But it only resulted in sparks flying and there was no blood loss. Just how tough is that skin? The jade Divine Sword was still stuck in its flank.

Against anything related to the [Demon God], it seems the God Slaying weapon Ermenhilde was more effective than any holy sword with divine protection of spirits or gods. That had been only proved an year back.

Different from the one I threw, I held another sword in my right hand again.



While I was aiming at the Ogre who was fixated at Souichi, a voice called me from behind.

That voice was very weak-sounding different from the Aya I knew. As I answered without turning back, a sigh came from my pocket.

We’re in the middle of a fight after all, I don’t want to loosen my guard. I want to quickly end this.

Souichi will take attention and I’ll deal the finishing blow. It was the same strategy we used against both the Demon God and its descendants. Well, it wasn’t really something complicated to be called a strategy though.

“How many of your covenants have been cleared till now?”



Was that too easy to see through?

The number of covenants cleared. They were very simple things. I who didn’t possess magical energy would receive magical energy from Ermenhilde with every clearance. I create weapons with that. Basically, the more of the seals have been released, the more stronger the weapon I create.

For Aya who is knowledgeable in magecraft, she should be able to figure out the number of clearances from my magical energy. And also, which of the covenants have been cleared as well.

The 12 comrades that were with me are well aware of the conditions in which my power is released. The conditions to clear the 7 covenants, that is. What I have to do, and what I need to sacrifice.

[My will to fight], [To protect someone], [Against the Demon God], [Protecting a Promise]. These 4 should be the ones that Aya should be aware that have been cleared. But my magical power was clearly at the level of 5 cleared. The remaining one——she should be able to guess that considering the situation. Even though she’s 10 yrs younger than me, she has a good head on her shoulders. She must have ascertained the situation already. That’s why, I simply shrugged my shoulders.

[Let’s finish this already, Renji.]


I took Ermenhilde’s help and answered. I don’t intend to start talking here. We both know that there’s no room for talk while in a battle.. Even if the opponent is mere fodder——if you loosen your guard, your friends will die. We were too well aware of that.

I put strength into the hand gripping the Divine Sword. I looked around and—–

“——Do it, Aya.”


The moment she stabbed her staff in the ground, a scarlet magic circle appeared.

With the Ogre at its centre, it even covered all the surrounding adventurers as well; it was that big. To activate such a large scale magic, it would take numerous Elite magicians even of the royal knight’s order not to mention the time taken for preparation. There was no magician like Aya who could use it instantly and by herself.

Reversely speaking, even those who didn’t know that Aya could use it would be convinced thinking that if its one the GodSlayers, they can do it.

Seeing the magic activate, the adventurers raised voices of surprise and bewilderment.

[Hurry and run. Or you’ll get dragged into it.]

At the same time, Ermenhilde sent her [voice] into everyone’s head.

Adventurers who didn’t understand the situation started to look around thinking that a magician was using a spell. I could only sigh at that.

[I’m saying, if you don’t want to get dragged into a fight of GodSlayers, hurry up and run away!]

Once again, Ermenhilde used her [voice].

And this time finally, the adventurers started to retreat outside of Aya’s magic circle.

“Now then,”

“—–let’s go on a rampage as usual.”

At the same time as Aya pulled out her staff, the magic circle began to shine even more brightly. The shining light seemed very sacred and the black Ogre stood out inside of it.

“Do you even know how much I was looking forward to today?”(aya)

Saying that, the magical energy inside the circle came together.

The aim was not the Ogre, it was to take down the most troublesome Demon first.

There’s a chance he might run away the moment we defeat the Ogre, they’re clever like that. And he might also use the surrounding adventurers as shield as well.

It was a fact after all that the black Ogre was purposefully creating a situation to make the adventurers believe that they could fight as well.

That’s why first of all, we need to get those adventurers to move away from here. Nect, deploy the magic circle on the ground to make it believe that our aim was the Ogre.

“Fall down already.”

Speaking with a heavy voice filled with killing intent, the next moment, the Demon was being cautious of the magic from the ground fell from the sky.

What she had controlled was gravity. The magic circle was for preparation.

In the first place, using a magic that could be recognised was always a last resort. It was one thing if it was the time when we had started our journey when she wasn’t used to using magic but right now, Aya could have beat the demon even without the use of the magic circle.

At the same time, I also ran towards the Ogre.

With 5 of the covenants clear, my physical abilities were at an extreme and I covered 20m in a single breath.

Souichi once again slashed at the Ogre’s legs. Once again, only sparks flew.

At the same time, I cut at its other leg. Here, there was no resistance and I cut its leg away from the ankle.

It raised a scream and the Ogre fell down as it lost its one leg.

It tried to support itself with its 2 arms but the moment its arms were about to touch the ground, the earth in that area alone disappeared. Aya had dug a hole with magic. Both its arms buried into the ground and with a heavy *zuun* sound, it struck the earth face first.


The Demon was lying on the ground crushed by gravity and the Ogre was buried in the earth with one leg cut off.

Now that both had become unable to fight any longer, I breathed a sigh.

Just like that, I first cut off the Ogre’s head. The Divine Sword cut through its neck with no resistance and the head rolled away.

“Can I retire already?”

[It seems like it’ll get more troublesome later on though, can you act like you don’t notice what’s happening all the time?]


Dropping my shoulders, I clicked my tongue.

Sorry, Rob. Roberiano. This is the most I can do.

I remembered the face of the young dead adventurer. I didn’t really promise that I’d protect him but the fact that he had to die at such a young age pierced my heart a little. On the battlefield, killed by the likes of goblins. Even though he wasn’t really different from Souichi and the others……his life had only just begun.

But this is what a battlefield is like, it can’t be helped. I don’t want to think like that, to use the battlefield as an excuse, I could only sigh.

“Now then.”

[All that remains is the mastermind behind this.]

Can we even call him a mastermind? I really can’t think of it that way. While hearing Ermenhilde’s words, I walked towards the Demon trapped in the cage of gravity.

If that Demon thought that he could defeat Souichi and others with just an Ogre, even if it had become the Demon God’s descendant, then he’s just an idiot.

Even without me, those 2 would have defeated them sooner or later. I trust them that much.

That’s what a GodSlayer is, a Hero. Receiving absolute trust and meet their expectations is a Brave.



Souichi was keeping an eye on the Demon on the ground but he still raised his one hand to wave at me. To answer him, I also raised one of my hands and went to him.

With *pan* he high fived me. I opened and closed my palm repeatedly to lessen the pain.

……..hitting with full strength. That really hurt damnit…..

“It seems you were in good health.”

“That’s my line. Also, everyone was really worried you know?”


I averted my eyes as he looked up at me.

No, well, I guess it was my bad that I suddenly disappeared but.

[Tell him more, Souichi.]

“Eru-san as well. Long time no see.”

[Ah, you guys are so courteous and polite.]

“……..That feels like saying that someone doesn’t stay polite you know?”(renji)

[That’s exactly what I’m saying.]

“Even like this, I do put an effort to stay courteous and polite at all time though.”

Saying that, I looked towards the ground.

The wings were in totally bad shape and both his feet and left leg were bent in an impossible direction. It hurt just looking at him.


When I raised my voice, he looked at me with a hate filled gaze.

The 13 GodSlayers.

Even among them, I who had directly killed the Demon God was hated the most by the Demons. I’m completely detested by them. Well, that can’t be helped though.

I am the guy who killed the God they worshipped after all. It’s only obvious that I’ll be hated.

I lay the jade green sword at his neck. Now that the black Ogre was dead, only 4 of the covenants were cleared—-no, only 3. There’s no need to protect someone in this situation now after all.

The fact that the blade had lost its previous shine of magical energy was a proof of that.

“Yamada Renji—-!!”(demon)

“Yeah, I’m Yamada Renji. So, why the hell can a demon like you control a descendant of the Demon God?”

Ignoring is hate filled gaze, I questioned.

I may have done something bad. Killing a God, even if to save the world, may not have been something that should be forgiven. Especially for those Demons who worshipped him.

But, that doesn’t mean I’ll accept their hate.

I’m not such a great human who can do something like that after all, I’m not tolerant enough for that.

What will you do after saving the world?

Travelling around the world, becoming a bridge between humans and demi-humans might not be bad. I might try to fix relations with the enemy demons as well.

In fact, there are Demons who don’t think badly of humans. They are a complete minority though.

“Is Sherfa involved in this?”(renji

The name I spoke was of the Demon Lord. Demon Lord Sherfa. The most influential person on the Abenelm continent next to the Demon God.

A monster that could fight at par with even Souichi who had awakened as a Hero.

When I spoke that name, the demons gaze became even more filled with hatred and glared at me.

“Wa——that naive woman, there’s no way she could take such an action!!”

“Oioi. She is your ruler you know.”

Well, I agree that she’s naive/soft Demon Lord though.

For a Demon Lord, Sherfa does have much too soft of an image. She’s always fair and square, hates taking hostages, and she herself said that she likes humans. After the previous Demon Lord died, she came to us to even brag proudly that she has succeeded the position. But that doesn’t mean she was human-like though.

Strength is everything in the Demon continent so whoever is strong automatically becomes right or so they say. She’s a type that swing her fist before speaking. Truly very demon-like. She still claims to like humans though.

“Like I care. A demon lord that doesn’t try to revive the Demon God-sama can’t be called a Demon Lord.”(demon)

[Revive the Demon God.]

This is the first I’m hearing of this. I ended up tilting my head at that. By the way he is speaking, it’s as if they can revive the Demon God at any time.

“What do you mean? The Demon is dead. Renji-niichan killed—-“(souichi)

“hmph. You think I’ll speak all that? C’mon, hurry up and kill me.”(demon)


“There’s only death for the loser. I’ll be killed if I return anyway.”

No, there’s no way you’d have won with such military forces in any case, I could only feel amazed.

Even though they’re clever at weirdly specific things, their war-related stuff is the same as one year ago.

“As if I care.”(renji)

Saying that, the jade sword turned to magical energy and disappeared.

“Aya, I’m done so you can stop now.”(renji)


The gravity prison holding the Demon also disappeared with that. Maybe feeling lighter due to the cage suddenly disappearing, the demon also fainted.

Revival of the Demon God eh?

While seeing Aya walk towards us, I sighed.

“Seems like trouble again……I really hate this.”(renji)

“Renji-niichan does get involved in all sorts of troubles don’t you?”(souichi)

Souichi said that sounding somewhat happy/amused.

As for me, I really, seriously want to be pardoned from all this.

“Trouble comes to me. Also, stop speaking like I intentionally get involved in trouble, will you?”(renji)



[What the hell are you saying suddenly?]

Why did I get a question mark in answer to that? I really do intend to avoid trouble you know? But trouble always seems to find me instead. If this is also a part of the Different world transfer compensation (cheat) given to us, I can only despair.

Also, Ermenhilde’s usual amazed, fed up words was digging into my chest.

Did I do something to make it mad? While I was thinking that, Aya came and stood beside me.




[…..Why are all 3 of you not speaking anything?]

Well, who knows?

For some reason, Aya seemed nervous, so me and Souichi also ended up keeping quiet.

Ermenhilde, as usual, couldn’t read the mood at all.

“um, long time no see, Renji-san. Thank you for saving me back then.”(aya)

“n, long time no see, Aya. I promised didn’t I? That I’ll save you if you were in danger.”

Saying that, I pointed my palm towards Aya. When I did that, Aya, somewhat happily, also struck my palm with hers making a *pachin* sound.

When we travelled together back then, whenever we succeeded in something or if something good happened, we always high fived. Feeling nostalgic, I also smiled.

I had been thinking about how to meet them and what to talk but with just this, I feel happy that I met them.

“You seem tired but, did something happen?”(renji)

“Ah, no, nothing……..”(aya)

She seemed happy just now but suddenly hung her head again. Did something happen, I wonder?

Or maybe I did something bad?

Thinking till there, I remembered that I had not sent even a letter to her in the past one year.

Is that it? I racked my brain to think of way to talk to her. Aya was still hanging her head down and squirming bashfully while playing with her hair.

Both her height and hair had grown longer compared to last time I saw her and had become more womanly giving her a fresh look. But I feel like I’ll get yelled at if I say that out loud so I don’t.

In the end, we 3 stood like that silently without speaking anything till the other adventurers came back.

…….is such a reunion okay?


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