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KENS Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Hero’s Journey

Yamada Renji is a God-Slayer. But, he thinks he is not a hero. Only he thinks that though.

Receiving the blessings of the goddess, and getting the god-slaying cheat power, he is one of the 13 people who saved the world.

They refer to their powers as a ‘cheat’ but for the people of this world, it is the power of the gift granted to them by the goddess.

The brave boy received the power to [remain undefeated]. As long as he himself did not accept his own loss, he would attain the power to overturn any situation. Whether it be a game, quarrel, war, or a battle to the death. Even if the opponent was someone many levels above him, as long as his will didn’t accept defeat, the world itself would support him. This super ability was that boy’s cheat.

The girl known as the Grand Magus received [God-like magical power]. That magical energy could bring down lightning, overturn the earth and crush everything in her surroundings. A power that could make a natural disaster into a reality through imagination; her power could send countless monsters to oblivion. Even if the opponent was a dragon or a giant, her magic could destroy them as well. Truly, her magic was God-like.

Another girl wished for a power to make contracts with the monsters. There was a limit that only 3 monsters would follow her commands but controlling a flying dragon, an immortal knight and a prank loving fairy, her presence was befitting of that of a god-slaying hero.

Another girl was a [Saint] that could heal any and all injuries.

One was a chunnibyo wannabe magician that possessed the Evil Eye in his left eye that could see future.

One was the world’s greatest cook.


They truly were very unique comrades.

The journey was painful and difficult.

But, it was still fun as well.

There were a lot of heart breaking memories but not all the memories were like that.

The hero Yamada Renji had also wished for a cheat. To defeat the Demon God, to return back to their world, to live.

And what he had received was the talking medal that was a God-slaying weapon and a slightly enhanced physical ability.

Why was it a talking medal? Why had the goddess granted a will to a weapon?

The goddess [Astraera].

A weapon did not require a will of its own. Isn’t that something obvious?

If a weapon had a will—–it’s obvious that you’ll get attached to it.

Taking, laughing together, struggling together, supporting each other, sharing our pains and joys, travelling together and saving each other.

That’s why, the hero Yamada Renji thought of finding a different lifestyle for his partner Ermenhilde other than that of living as a weapon. He ended up thinking about such things.

The ‘weapon’ Ermenhilde changed to his ‘partner’ Ermenhilde. But still, the Godslaying weapon tried to remain as the ‘weapon’ Ermenhhilde.

Just how much was it distressed by that, Yamada Renji didn’t know.

He didn’t know how much this choice had hurt the ‘weapon’ Ermenhilde and had cornered it.

And he didn’t realize how much was it all according to that ill-natured woman, goddess Astraera’s plans.

But the end conclusion was even beyond the goddess’ expectations.

The ‘weapon’ Ermenhilde chose him, the hero, and went on a journey.




As I opened my eyes, it was already morning.

[…….This is rare. You woke up without my help for once.]

“You’re supposed to greet first. Good Morning Ermenhilde.”

*yawn* As I yawned, a sigh came from beside me.

[Those words, I return back to you.]

“Well, that’s true as well.”

Kakaka, it laughed. [T/N: Shinobu from monogatari series laughs like this as well if you’re wondering.]

I’m not really the type to greet someone properly either after all.

Especially when I wake up after drinking a lot the last night.

“I saw a nostalgic dream.”

[Did you dream of the other world again?]

As I told about my dream while I changed my clothes, Ermenhilde asked thus.

After coming to this world, we used to dream about our original world a lot.

We had been enjoying this new world, but somewhere deep inside, everyone missed their own world.

In the first place, you don’t get to experience something like being summoned to a different world a lot of times after all.

Even after receiving my partner Ermenhilde, I dreamt a lot about my original world.

Though, it was just a mere dream.

After waking up, I’ll be back to this different world.

After about half a year had passed, I stopped dreaming about that world as well.

The younger ones in our group saw them for almost a year though. Sometimes they even cried in their sleep.

I was an adult. I couldn’t cry when young ones were crying in front of me after all.

Anyway, leaving that aside.

“It was bit more nostalgic than that.”

Somehow, I was unable to tell Ermenhilde that I had dreamt about it.

The Goddess [Astraera].

She’s the existence that gave us our cheat powers and the goddess that is worshipped by the humans.

The beastmen worshipped a god known as the Spirit God and the demons worshipped the Demon God.

She was one of the three pillars that is said to have created the world.

I have met her but I don’t know how she looks like actually.

For some reason, my memories of that part seem to be hazy. I can’t remember it back.

But I expect that she was extremely beautiful considering that she was a goddess.

I really want to talk with her once.


“That’s it.”

[…..I see.]

While hearing Ermenhilde’s usual fed up voice, I washed my face and shaved my beard.

Some parts are not shaved properly. Yup, once again I’m perfectly looking like a Villager C.


[You still haven’t shaved properly.]

“Isn’t that just fine?”

While talking about such stupid things, I put Ermenhilde back inside my pocket.

I put on the worn out overcoat, fixed my knife on my belt and carried the luggage.

……I fell like I look more like a merchant than an adventurer but, well whatever.

Next time, maybe I should buy some cheap armour as well. It’s more adventurer-like.

It might be a bit too dangerous to face off against an Orc in just a tunic after all.

Well it’ll be fine as long as I don’t get hit.




After meeting up with Miss Francesca, we left the village after finishing our breakfast.

By the time I finished my partings with the Landlady and the guys from the guild, the sun had already reached high in the sky.

I’m feeling slightly excited as well.

As expected, an adventure feels great no matter how old you are.

Even if it was in a different world with who knows what unknown dangers. No, maybe that’s why I’m a bit more excited than normal.

The distance wasn’t very large but it wasn’t exactly small either.

It’ll take about a day to go to the neighbouring village but since I had a newbie with us as well, it might take slightly longer.

Even then we still have quite a lot of surplus time though.

“Should I carry some luggage for you?”

“No, I’ll be fine.”

I had a bit more luggage than Miss Francesca. As expected, the tent made the luggage bulkier. If I were to leave that, my luggage was definitely less than hers.

It seems that fact that women paid special mind to what and how much they needed to wear was the same even in this world.

Men are usually fine as long as they have clothes for just a few days.

“Haaa……this’ll be the first time I’ll be travelling on foot.”

It seems she was also slightly excited considering how her voice sounded to me.

As I smiled wryly towards her, she hung her head embarrassed.

“Well, it’ll be a good experience for you.”(renji)

To connect villages to each other, a highway made of white stones had been made.

It was an absolutely normal white stone, but for some reason it emphasized that this was ‘the path for humans’ and thus monsters tended not to attack here.

It was not a certain fact but it was much safer than not walking on the highway.

To monsters, humans were simply prey but for humans, monsters were meant to be immediately subjugated.

It’ll be a battle to death every time these two existences would meet each other.

If they don’t want to risk their lives, the monsters will not come near the ‘path for humans’. As long as they aren’t cornered too far though.

“Well, we’ll be safe more or less as long as we are on the highway so let’s take it easy.”(renji)


We walked down the highway together.

Since I was the taller one, her hair gently danced near my face occasionally.

I smelled something really nice.

There’s no way the bath in a rural village would have something like a shampoo or soap, so this must be the sweet smell unique to only women. As my thoughts started to tilt towards the slightly perverted side,


It was not a voice of warning or objection but the sound of clicking tongue.

I took one step away from Miss Francesca silently.

It was not like I would really do something but somehow I started feeling guilty.

So I shifted my consciousness from the beauty Miss Francesca towards the highway.

Not a single stone was too round or sharp. Though not exactly perfect, the highway had been built very neatly and uniformly.

Even carriages and horses could easily travel on this.

Thus, transportation was much smoother and transactions between villages would be better.

It was easy to walk for long times on this as well.

After walking for some while, I realized that miss Francesca was starting to fall back a little.

As I looked back, her breathing had already become disordered.

She was also sweating as her long pretty hair was sticking to her forehead. As I looked above, the sun was shining brightly overhead.

This world also has proper 4 seasons. 1 year was of 360 days. There were 9 months, every month consisting of 40 days.

It was slightly different from our original world but the difference wasn’t that big.

They were called simply like the [1st month], [3rd month] etc and were very easy to remember as well.

Currently, it was the [6th month]. In terms of Japan, it would be the time where summer had ended and autumn had begun.

The nights were slightly cold but during the day, it was still hot. It was such a season.

While thinking of such things, I waited for Francesca to catch up to me.

[This is gonna be hard going.]

“We were the same when we came to this world as well, I think.”

[That’s also true I guess.]

I brought Ermenhilde out who was snickering inside my pocket.

I flicked it with my thumb. The god slaying weapon medal rotated in mid air as it shined from the sunlight.

While wasting time like that, I waited for the newbie adventurer Miss Francesca.

I really like carefree journeys like this.

It makes me realize that I’m still in a different world.

When I’m enjoying the journey I really think about it from my heart.




The campfire made snapping sounds as it flickered.

After walking this whole day, I understood one thing.


Miss Francesca’s stamina was worse than I thought.

She was currently massaging her legs after rolling up her trousers that she had bought for travelling use.

She had also removed her breastplate as well.

Thus, her figure as she leaned forward to massage her legs was a pretty tempting sight for any man.

Every time she massaged her legs, they would move and sway and then sway again.

Honestly, its not something she should do with a man in front of her.

Though, it is a great perquisite for me.

Other than her bountiful chest, her slender yet fleshy legs were also very favourable to watch.

[Oi, hentai.]

Those words are definitely not something you should say to your partner you know.

As my face cramped due to the violence hidden in those words, I shifted my gaze from her legs towards the forest.

“We will arrive to the next village by tomorrow.”

While adding some dried branches to the fire, I spoke.

The original plan was to reach there by tomorrow early morning but considering our pace today, it’ll be around afternoon by the time we reach there.

But it’s not like we’re really in a hurry either so I guess it won’t hurt to take this leisurely.

I can say it from my experience that nothing good comes out of making too much haste.

“Sorry. I was being too slow….”(fran)

“Don’t worry about it. Everyone’s like that at first.”

Even we had almost felt like dying just from muscular pain and fatigue.

It’s something common with every new adventurer.

I’m really envious of those heroes whose HP won’t fall no matter how much they walked. Not to mention they get fully restored just by staying a night at an inn.

“Even Renji-san was like this?”(fran)

“I was about to die from getting cramps and muscular pains.”

On Miss Francesca’s question, I said the same thing I was thinking just now instantly.

It’s actually really dangerous to get muscular pains during a journey.

If one were to get attacked by monsters, he wouldn’t be able to fight at his max strength.

To struggle for your life as you fight, I don’t even want to think about it.

Muscular pains are really dangerous. Your feet would get cramped if you try too hard as well.

“Is this your first time sleeping outside…….I guess not.”

She did say she had been travelling on a carriage.

There would be times when you have to rest in the middle of the road even when travelling with carriages. In such cases, one would either sleep inside the carriage itself, or put up some tents separately.

Considering her, I think she must have slept inside the carriage.

While thinking such things, I stood up.

“We’ll be walking tomorrow as well so do your best to relieve your fatigue.”

Basically, continue with your massage.

Well, I should at least set up the tent and stuff in the time being.

I wouldn’t mind massaging her either but, in that case, I’m perfectly aware of what would happen to my partner Ermenhilde’s affection points.

In the first place, I am suspicious whether any affection points actually exist though.

[I think we were supposed to train her in fighting monsters as well though?]

“If we were lucky to actually meet some, then yes.”

Bringing out the tent from inside the luggage, I started the preparations.

Since I’ll be keeping watch during the night, it was a small tent for one person use.

Well, just having a roof above you when sleeping outside gives a great amount of peace.

Though, I have already become bold enough to not really care about such things anymore.

In fact, when I had just come to this world, I wasn’t able to sleep even with a tent though.

I really was so sensitive and delicate back then. In many ways.

Let’s just say that I have matured up. Yup.

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