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Chapter 151

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

Chapter 151 – Nightmare (1)

Body is heavy, head is heavy, the continuously dozing consciousness will never permit to leave this warm space.

But, it won’t allow a lazy thought,

“What time it is, do you know!? Hurry and wake up!”

Thanks to Mom, I certainly woke up.

“Hm……What, time?”

The loud voice of mom, indicated it was 7 AM currently.

“……I see”

“Stop dozing off……hurry up and get ready or you’ll really be late!”

Saying that, mom turned back her glossy raven-black hair, and left the room.

Seeing the well-ordered proportions of her that looked like a model, I stood up unsteadily, while still in a daze.

No, wrong, this wasn’t laziness, the body was…

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