Chapter 155

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

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A chapter which can change many things, feel free to fill in the poll in the end, for knowing what this chapter might do

Chapter 155 – Rejection (1)

Spada is structured with the royal castle in centre, and the castle town spreading in concentric circles.

It is the same as the capital city of Daedalus, no, as a matter of fact Daedalus was made taking Spada as a reference.

Daedalus was protected by the outer walls, and inner walls covering the royal castle, but Spada has crossed that and there are triple layers of protection.

The third protective wall, in other words the first outer wall, just inside it is the lower class district, the common people live here, the inn Kurono and others are living is also located here.

Next the second outer wall, is separated from the inner wall, it…

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