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Chapter 166




I’m back with KnM. Quite a normal yet good chapter imo. So now for questions:  Who would love to see the girl’s expression, when Kurono comes back as a boss with balls? Have fun

Chapter 166 – The Man with 40 Points

There are two Adventurer Guilds present in Spada.

One of them is present, after crossing the second protective wall, in the upper class area, on the outskirts of city’s central plaza, the Spada Adventurer Guild Headquarters.

Only High-ranked adventurer like Rank 4 and above, are allowed to use the headquarters, normal adventurers have to use the other one.

That is, Spada Adventurer Guild, School District Branch.

The School district is just like it’s names, an area with science, it has the Royal Spada Academy and various other educational institutions, like magic research laboratories, Weapon Workshops, and Temples.

Due to the location, this…

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