Chapter 170




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Chapter 170 – Mordred Weapon Company (2)

(POV third person)

「How about it, I can exchange that normal『Mithril Sword』with a cursed『Mithril Sword』?」

Hurriedly completing the self-introduction, Vein Wortz Mordred, the owner of Mordred Weapon Company said as such.

On hearing the offer, without being delighted by it, he directed a puzzled glance to the big-sized skeleton.

「Why that deal for a rank 1 adventurer like me?」

Kurono stood in a position with no gaps absolutely impossible for a rank 1 adventurer, but Mordred calmly answered while wavering the purple flame in his eye socket.

「It’s alright don’t be so vigilant, it’s only like a hobby for me. I like cursed weapons, I’m…

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