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Chapter 171

This chapter wasn’t edited by SK, so you might find some mistakes(joking, you might find many). Do tell me, I will fix them. Btw, Isn’t the content of Chapter completely different from the Title? imo, though.

Chapter 171 – Lover Rendezvous in Moonlit Night

By the time I returned to the inn, the sky had already started to be dyed red.

After arranging all the minimum necessary equipments and items, we three reached back while talking to eat the dinner at some shop, but in the end we ate the dinner in the dining hall of『Cat’s Tail』where the quality of food is 60 points and quantity is 100 points.

I come in front of the guest room, open the thin door and enter alone.

From the time we started staying here I slept together with Lily, but from yesterday she had been sleeping in the next room to mine, Fiona’s…

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