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Chapter 172




Well this chapter is quite normal, like the calm before the storm thing, in short the storm of Kurono becoming rank ???(who knows what) adventurer is like really less time. Here you go, have fun~

Chapter 172 – Subjugation Quest x5

「It seems you were enjoying a lot last night」

Next morning, I was sitting in front of Fiona’s glare with reproachful eyes in the dining hall of『Cat’s Tail』.

「No, well……Sorry」

Only the words of pathetic apology comes out.

I turn my sight to Lily for some support in the same crime,

「Nh~, Uu~」

But, she is dozing off while shaking her head slightly, she’s still not out of her dream world, it seems.

「Leaving me alone, you played in the dead of night……leaving me alone……kicking me out」

「That’s why sorry! I apologize! I got carried by the flow and played at night with…

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