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Chapter 173




Here is your chapter, somehow I don’t feel bad that Kurono is still not a half-dark protagonist.

Chapter 173 – The Fluffy Army Threat! Bear-Rabbit Punpun!!

After being shaken by the dragon carriage from Spada via Dacia to Avalon, I finally reach the starting point of the northern Galahad mountains, the Village of Dacia.

Incidentally the dragon carriages are, the dragon-sized version of horse-pulled carriages, but the puller is a dragon here.

Though it’s a dragon but it’s herbivorous, its speed is not to that of horse, but still it traversed the road while kicking rapidly on ground with its thick legs.

This land dragon which is pulling this large cube-shaped carriage, has incomparable power to that of horse, and it’s body is like that of an elephant, short and stout.

When I first saw it seemed like a bus to me.

「Well then…

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