Chapter 174




Wow~, and Lily gets a new h***m member. *huehue*. Really I need the to TL the chapters faster, or else I won’t see the good moments on my wordpress any time soon.

Chapter 174 –  Rushing Slime Fever!?

「Damn it! Don’t fuck with me!!」

Rank 2 adventurer Zach, has a skinhead and muscular body appearance and so is the battle axe he is swinging to bring down the attacking slimes, while swinging, he shouts the words of abuse to the comrade who showed its back and ran away leaving him behind.

But, with those words the comrade won’t come back, no, (s)he won’t come back no matter what words he spoke.

After all though slime is a rank 1 monster, but with a very big crowd of them attacking is something those people who just reached Rank 2 cannot defeat.

Hence escaping, the comrade…

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