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Chapter 175




So who now hates Kurono for not _____ the tribe. I don’t, even the sadist me would feel pity on the fluffy bodies. The rest, like I care.

Chapter 175 – Ifrit Appears!?

The sophomore, Eddie, of the Knight course in Royal Spada Academy was strolling in the southern part of Galahad Mountains with his classmates/party members.

「――After that, Erina-san said this to me」

「What did she say?」

「That she would wait for me until I am qualified to get quests from the Guild Headquarters!」

「Don’t dramatize it! You were just being decently taken care of!」

「Nuuaaaa, don’ speak tat!!」[ET: The guy spoke in an informal tone]

The party of 4 students were chatting idly as though they were hiking, but during this time last year, they didn’t had any composure to even speak a word due to exhaustion by marching in Galahad Mountains.

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