Chapter 176




I changed my opinion about the guy 3 times. One is he is shit, second he is good-hearted, third hell with it, he can’t be saved anytime. I’m posting the the pic of Hatchet (a true one), just color it black and make it human sword sized and give a red black aura it would become Kurono’s hatchet.

Chapter 176 – Nightmare Berserker

「We are the, son of『Sword King』Leonhart Tristan Spada, the great man owning the, the white holy sword, forbidden black magic, and, the epitome of darkness, the reincarnation of demon king, that’s right, We are Wilhart Tristan Spaー」(SK: Wilhart uses ‘Waga’ for ‘I’ which is more ‘royal’)

A rusted iron sword in goblin’s hand is swung towards the slim male student, wearing a red mantle proving him to be a leader cadet in the Royal Spada Academy and is naming…

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