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Chapter 177




Chapter 177 – Rank 2

「Yes, certainly all the quests’ completion are now confirmed.」

The young receptionist, Erina, somehow stalled the surprise in her heart and said in a business-like manner.

It wasn’t that she was being embarrassed like a lovestruck maiden in front of this adventurer named Kurono who can get 90 points alone with his face, but she was simply surprised by the fact that all the quests have been cleared.

(Eh, What, just how did he clear all his quests? And not even one week has passed since then, no, more than that, what the hell is with this massive amount of number of subjugated monsters!?)

The massive amount of parts of subjugated monster was something Erina hadn’t seen even once since employment.

(124 Dagger Raptors, 87 goblins, 52 Vindol……*sigh* the 5 Punpun seems the abnormality here……but the most abnormal is…

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