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Chapter 184

Chapter 184 Operation Present

After Kurono had left, Lily and Fiona looked at each other in the guest room.

Since adventurers had no need for decorated furniture, the room only had a closet for holding items and a bed so, the two of them were currently sitting on the white sheet of the bed together peacefully.

Between the two of them, a mountain of gold coins was also shining.

“hee, so you really have a lot.”(lily)

Lily was in her child form but the expression on her face was more like a corrupt merchant who found a way to make a lot quick.

“No no, not as much as Lily-san.”(Fiona)

Fiona’s words, on the other hand, were like a worthless merchant trying to bribe someone but her expression was her usual sleepy one.


Lily picked up a gold coin, which had a woman’s face on one side and a magic circle on the other, with her leaf-like small hands.

“—–Syncrea gold coin, how much will it be worth in Klans?”(lily)

It was a gold coin earned by Fiona back in the Republic before she came here to Pandora.

Of course, this gold coin was being used only in the Arc continent and the now-captured Daedalus.

“We won’t know till we get it appraised but considering the mineral contents of the coin, 1 coin should get us around about 100,000 klan, I think.”(Fiona)

And she had accumulated hundreds of such gold coins right now.

The total amount would be in millions, it was not an amount a normal rank 2 adventurer would hold.

But, it was a fact that from within the spatial magic inside Fiona’s hat, gold coins came out in waves while making a jingling sound.

“What about Lily-san? It seems you have many other types of gold coins except Daedalus as well.”(Fiona)

Near Lily as well, a mountain of gold coins had been created.

But as Fiona said, included in that mountain of gold were not just Daedalus gold coin with the dragon emblem or the Spada gold coin with the sword and crown, but also many other gold coins in different shapes, designs and sizes.

There were even some that looked like those excavated from the Ancient Ruins as well.

“In just gold coins, I have lesser than you but if I include the various jewels and gems as well, I think I have the same amount or maybe even more.”(lily)

“By jewel, do you mean [Queen Beryl]?”(fiona)

As if! While saying that in a fed up expression, Lily made a small magic circle in mid air from which many emeralds shining like her own eyes fell out.

“If I actually sold [Queen Beryl], that alone would give us more than both your and my gold combined. I was talking about these ‘normal’ jewels, I have many more other than these as well.”(Lily)

Her attitude was as if it was normal to have so many jewels but probably only the highest class of nobles even in the upper stratum would have so many jewels as Lily.

“You did well collecting so much.”(Fiona)

“That’s my line.”(lily)

It seems both of them were surprised with the amount of valuables each other possessed.

“Even if I did seclude myself in the forest of Fairies, a lot of things happen when you have lived more than 30 years, you know?”

Her words made one realize her true age which didn’t match her appearance but after all, it was a fact.

For example, Kurono wasn’t the first man Lily had saved inside that forest.

Or, many a times she saved merchants who got attacked on the highway by monsters as well.

“The child me was a softhearted person who helped people without thinking about gain or loss after all, I saved many people without thinking about the consequences.”(lily)

Thanks to that, there was a time when she had almost been captured as a slave when she had saved a a vicious slave trader as well.

Of course, that slave trader ended up with a body that won’t be able to do anything after that though.

“These things are what I got from saving those people. It was pretty useless to a fairy like me though.”

Naturally, selling her miracle drug and rewards for helping the Irz village with monsters also got accumulated over the years as well.

Nodding to that, Lily urged Fiona to tell her side of the story.

“All this is what I’ve earned while working as a normal adventurer.”(Fiona)

“Well, if you could kill salamanders while solo, I guess you would earn at least that much.”(lily)

Lily didn’t show much surprise but it was a fact that Fiona could be considered a top-class adventurer with that kind of achievements.

But, since she held the same level of ability and since she take into consideration of how humans valuation system, Lily didn’t think really much of that.

In fact, Lily was thinking that if Fiona had an appetite suitable for a girl of her age, wouldn’t her savings be double of the current one?

“Well with that much money, I guess we both could but at least one or two cursed weapon, right?”(Lily)

“That’s true.”(Fiona)

As both of them nodded, they put back the mountains of gold inside their respective dimension magic.

“But, I feel like we took a lot of time to get Kurono-san a present even though we both had so much money.”(Fiona)

“Well, there was no need till now. Also, Kurono’s the type who gets troubled instead of getting happy on receiving a costly present after all.”(lily)

Lily had this great of a fortune from the time she met Kurono.

Even while having enough money with which she could support a single man for his whole life, she didn’t buy anything for Kurono because she knew how Kurono would feel.

Even without using telepathy, she knew that Kurono didn’t like causing trouble or relying too much on others from just his speech and actions.

“I wasn’t really hiding it or anything but it was kind of difficult to tell Kurono-san that I have money.”(Fiona)

“Well Kurono’s working hard to earn money after all, but—-“

This was not a stage where they would stop because it was difficult to say.

Thinking back till now, Kurono never had a need for money as much as now.

While he was working as an adventurer in Irz, their income was enough for both of them to live on peacefully together.

Also, during the emergency quest due to invasion of Crusaders and the battle at Alsace, he had full support from the guild and the villages so Kurono barely had to spend his own money.

But, after the defeat against the Apostles, they needed more power as well as strong equipments.

To face the Crusaders who would definitely attack, they’ll need to prepare personally which will of course, cost money.

Presently, Kurono didn’t have any defensive armour suitable for his ability after losing his [Baphomet’s Embrace] and didn’t even have a magic wand, the main weapon for a magician.

Going by Kurono’s current equipment, he wasn’t a magician but a swordsman.

“Kurono needs money, enough money to get him equipment with which he could face those Apostles.”(lily)

Of course, Kurono himself had the same objective which is why he was quickly trying to raise his rank.

Depending on the situation, he would even take a loan from them. They had such talks as well but they knew that Kurono wouldn’t ask for a loan until he was close to starving.

“If we need equipment, the faster we get them the better.”(lily)

Thus, Lily was about to use her savings for the past 30 years which had been untouched till now for Kurono.

“But, if we suddenly gift him presents worth hundred millions……….I wonder what Kurono-san will think.”(Fiona)

Though not as much as Lily, Fiona had been seeing how Kurono took action after the formation of [Element Master].

She had realized that Kurono’s mind set was like that of a middle-class family’s housewife who worked at economising at everything.

At least, he wasn’t like those nobles who wasted their wealth as if that was their duty and was not overly greedy for money like those from the slums either.

“That’s true. Then let’s go little by little. First let’s give him a present for becoming rank 2 first.”(lily)

“I see, he would accept if it is just two weapons right?”(Fiona)

She didn’t say one probably because she was already thinking that lily would give one and she herself would give another as well.

“I’ll ask this just in case but Fiona, are you really fine with spending more than 1,000,000 klan for someone else?”(lily)

Lily’s manner of speaking was as if she was testing her but Fiona answered without taking any offense.

“If it was all of my savings, I might have hesitated but if it’s just half of it for Kurono-san,  I don’t really mind. Also, this party can earn hundred million klan easily after all.” (Fiona)

With a satisfied smile, Lily jumped out from the bed.

“I see, then let’s quickly go and buy the present for Kurono.”(lily)

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