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Chapter 25

25EnTruce Translations :

Translator: Doug

Editor: Doug | EnTruce

Proofreader: EnTruce

I’ll be posting Chapter 26 in half an hour . So be happy with this for now and wait for it.

Oh and welcome our new TL and ED for Kur no Maou.   “Doug” .  He doesn’t have his own wordpress. so i will be posting his translation here.

Chapter 25 Irz Village Toolmaker


I heard the voice of a man from inside the chaotic shop when I opened the door.

Sitting at the counter was a portly middle-aged man. It seems like he is the toolmaker ‘Kische’ of Irz village.

“Hello, I am a rookie adventurer who just finished the guild registration, and I’m here to purchase the necessary items.”

“Oh yes yes, we keep all things you’ll need in the store. My name is Kische and I hope you continue to favor my store with your patronage in…

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