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Chapter 40

Translator: EnTruce

Editor: Doug

ProofReader: Doug

Everyone be happyy for 4 chapter release today! yaaay~

Chapter 40 – Decisive Battle・Goldran Hill

The crusaders, finally completing the invasion strategy departed on the seventh day of the month Distant Thunder.

The elite corps of 15000 men selected by Cardinal Ars, being lead by Sariel.

The crusaders camped in Goldran Hills near guard point with good visibility.

During the previous invasion they suffered defeat by the hands of Daidalos here and the place has some shady history in itself, but there is no better place than this to march forward in full power along with 15000-strong corps.

The Daidalos will also decide this place for the decisive battle like the previous time, as in this hilly region they can display their maximum mobility war potential.

Thus, both the Crusaders and Daidalos army would meet each other at Goldran Hills.

Both parties arrange their…

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