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Chapter 39

Translator: Entruce

Editor: Shikkaku

ProofReader: EnTruce

Tense: Past (mostly)

Perspective: Don’t know and author doesn’t care.

Chapter 39 – The Dragon King

The king stood up from the throne, upon hearing the report of 15000 mercenaries departing from Virginia.

The name of the king is Gaevinal, at a glance he looks like a strong build human in his prime having 2 metres of body height, but in truth he is a genuine dragon.

The dragon are a race having large amount of Physical strength magical energy, and are completely different from other races. Among them the dragons with strongest strength called as “black dragons” is the tribe of Gaevinal.

Even among the dragons who are fundamentally individualists, Gaevinal had the ambition to rule over everything just like the ancient emperor who had once made the great empire that had governed pandora continent in his generation.

In the midst of implementing…

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