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Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Prologue of the Moonlit Night

15th of the month of spring water (Shimizu). Once again I gaze at the full moon in the sky all alone.

I had been alone till now, and I will stay alone forever.

That’s fine. If I can stay as a child, I won’t feel pain, I won’t feel bitter, I won’t feel lonely, nobody would resent me, I’ll forget everything and live on.

But, that was the last time I saw the full moon alone.

I will never forget, on the 4th of the month of early-summer breeze (Ryokufuu), I had a fateful encounter.

“My name is Kurono Maou, you are?”

I won’t be alone ever again.

If I stayed like a child it won’t be painful? It won’t hurt? It won’t be lonely? It won’t be sad?

It was all a lie.

It was simply just a deception, fooling myself, deceiving myself, acting like I didn’t notice……..

But, all that doesn’t matter anymore.

The past doesn’t matter anymore. Everything doesn’t matter anymore.


“Aah, as long as I have Lily, I can keep living in this world, I won’t be lonely.”

The same feelings as myself.

You, as long as you are by my side, I can keep on living, I won’t be lonely.

I won’t return to the past again, I won’t return to being lonely again, because you are with me.

Yes, that’s why, all the world needs is just you and me.

Everything else is, now, not needed.

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