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Chapter 48

Translator: EnTruce

Editor: Doug

Proofreader: Doug|EnTruce

Chapter 48 – Popsicle

I who was thinking of making ice-cream, in particular popsicles, began collecting materials at once.

“Welcome, did you finally run out of potions Kurono?”

“Regrettably I’ve only used one so far.”

I’ve come to the adventurer’s purveyor, the Irz village item shop.

Now that I have become a regular customer over here, we don’t talk to each other using honorifics.

“I’m looking for wooden sticks.”

The thing I’m searching here is definitely not the raw materials for ice-cream but the flat stick which will become the handle of the popsicle.

“A wooden stick, then how about this white wooden stake? When stabbed into their heart, the vampire race who takes pride in their immortality will be killed with a single blow.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t make my request clear, I’m not here to buy a weapon today.”

Putting aside the…

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