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Chapter 52

Translator: EnTruce

Editor: Doug | SK

Proof Reader: SK | EnTruce

Chapter 52 –  Fear Revived

It’s 12th day of Shinyou month, the sky is already dyed red and soon the night would come.

While thinking that I rush along the highway.

The destination is not Irz Village, but Daedalus.

“I thought I would reach it before sun sets, but it looks like it’s still far.”

I feel bad for Lily who is clinging on my neck while inside the hood of robe. But no matter what, I want to know about the situation of Daedalus.

Ignoring the orders for no public crossing, I am heading towards Daedalus. If the worst case happens and I’m spotted by any of the Daedalus soldiers it can’t be helped if I’m thrown in jail.

The biggest reason for taking such a big risk for going to Daedalus is the uneasy feeling swirling inside…

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