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Chapter 53

Translator: EnTruce 

Editor:  Doug | SK

Proofreader: EnTruce

Chapter 53 – Crusader’s Supreme Commander

Under the starry sky, Sariel and Kurono are standing facing each other.

Kurono forgets about his cold sweat flowing, and faces head on with Sariel as if to hide Lily.

“Kurono Maou.”

He hasn’t been called that in a long time, no for Kurono, it was for the first time to be called by his full name in this world.

To a devotee of the cross religion, it might seem as god’s words to them but to Kurono, it only seemed as the whisper of grim reaper.

The uneasy feeling of his was settled down by Lily, but immediately after seeing a danger in front of his eyes, the fear torments Kurono’s heart once again.

But still, due to Lily behind his back, he breaks free of fear’s grasp and various trains of thoughts come to…

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