Chapter 57

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

ProofReader: ET

Before I rant out the chapter a little …. I want to thank those people who have donated to me……for Tl’ing KnM and KnW……and maybe for MnD(whole chapter on 13th July)……..


Chapter 57 – The Last Return

It’s been 3 months since I have become an adventurer, the quests I have taken were Rank 1, therefore weren’t dangerous. Even so, I studied my Black Magic every day and night.

To me, black magic is my most reliable power to live in this world. Furthermore, the research and development for the study of magic became  a hobby for me.

The imagination is crucial to activate magic.

There are various categories within magic like the magic I use use can only be used by the person himself ‘Original’ , the magic used by Lily which can…

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One response to “Chapter 57

  • truepurple

    So now they explain he can’t learn magic proper, just spent a comment last chapter saying he should have.

    Still, he should fight with Lily against her. He stupidly went against her one on one when he should have teamed up with Lily, and now that he realizes that, he still wont team up with Lily to stand against her? Train with Lily serious to get their individual power and team work power up, make a plan of combat, set up a ambush if you can. Go fight her again.


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