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Chapter 58

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proofreader: ET

Chapter 58 – March of Greed

The time goes back to several days back to the time Kurono has his reunion with Sariel. The Crusaders had departed to occupy the villages.

The centre of the army was the the private army of either the church or a nobility departed from the home country.

The already occupied Daedalus, at the time of occupation, tried to skillfully tell about the situation to village heads of other villages.

And the Crusaders stationed troops, they would be able to get the villages both in name purpose and their real purpose. If the remnants of defeated army won’t start a rebellion, then blood won’t be spilled.

But everything doesn’t work so easy in real life. The Crusaders composed of many purposes individually, acted just as Kurono suspected.

Stealing, Destroying, Killing, the Crusaders did the cruel acts under the name…

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