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Chapter 63

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

ProofReader: ET

One thing readers by doing this chapter I found out how bad situation Kurono is and how much I love the yanderes.

Chapter 63 – Fountain of Light (1)

That moment, the fight against the human army and the fairies stopped for a moment and the fairies return hurriedly towards the center of fountain of light.

“Lily……what is that sham-fairy creature doing?”

The leader of the fairies of the fountain of light takes the lead of other fairies and flies off.

Unlike Lily those fairies are from the real fairy tribe and can fly with the two pair of wings on their back.

The sight of the light orbs flying through the trees and flowers of forest is so beautiful that even the people from this world with magic will also be deeply moved.

However, the true feelings of the the fairies themselves are…

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