Chapter 65

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proofreader: ET

Just one thing to say here……….. Great Job to me TL’ing an OP Kurono Chapter

Chapter 65 – Devil

Kurono first killed the 3 crusaders acting away from the village.

He lopped off the heads of the two soldier from the rear with the “Tsujigiri” in his hand and they instantly die.

Just when the third soldier catches the figure of Kurono in complete black attire, he was bisected from the crown of head to the solar plexus in one go.

Kurono takes the oil, the soldiers were going to use to burn the house down and poured it onto the corpses of the goblin family and burned them along with the house.

He couldn’t come up with any other better way for their funeral.

Naturally, he didn’t dispose of the corpses of the three soldiers and rushed towards the centre of the village…

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