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Chapter 75

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

I will be uploading new chapter of MnD in 3 hours from now on. Till have fun with 3 Chapter of KnM

Chapter 75 – Nasty Woman (2)

“What are you planning to do from now on, Kurono?”

When I returned to Kuar Village’s adventurer guild, I questioned Kurono.

I can keep my conscience of the adult me by borrowing the power from Queen Beryl, though my appearance doesn’t change.

That’s why I can talk with Kurono about serious matters. I did a good job in bringing this.

“It’s already decided to escape to Spada. Naturally, I will guard the evacuation as an adventurer. The emergency quest will also be soon posted.”

What Kurono is saying is right. I have persuaded village head Nahad and the emergency warning bell has already rung.

For abandoning the village, every villager will soon start evacuating as a…

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