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Chapter 77



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With this 3 chapter release is over… and now I’m off to MnD… Have Fun!

Chapter 77 – Formation (1)

During the time Kurono was in a battle with Vulcan for the leadership of adventurers, in a certain guest room there were Fiona and Lily.

“What did you want to talk fairy-san?”

“I was thinking of making an agreement with you”

Though Lily is in her small form, but it can be concluded that her consciousness was of her original form from her way of answering the question from Fiona-san.

“What sort of agreement?”

“I want you to form a party with us.”

The meaning of the words Lily spoke can be understood by any adventurer, no, any common person in this world.

The basics of adventurer are obviously to fight along with comrades, the party play strategy.

It is not rare for for someone to…

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