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Chapter 83

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

Chapter 83 – Safe Return

“……And so, only you came back escaping from them.”

“Um, one person and one animal.”

Ai was standing in front of commander Norz and his aide Sylvia in a room within the headquarters.

“You Fool! It doesn’t change anything!!”

Norz became enraged at her coming back with her cat only alive and not showing even a bit of timidness in her replies.

“Please calm down”

Just before 5 seconds Norz would have hit her, Sylvia whisper in her ears in a cold voice.

“She is most probably one that Cardinal likes, if you raise hand on her do you think you’ll be forgiven?”

“Gu……But still this”

“We don’t have any time to deal with her, shouldn’t we make plans for interception.”

“Tsk, Got no choice”

Norz somehow calms down his rage and closes his eyes while folding his…

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