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Chapter 89

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

Chapter 89 – Counterattack Preparations (1)

The construction of the fortification of the guild building started from that day only.

Apart from the adventurers inside the guild, the dwarfs called out by Guildmaster Bean had assembled and were already working on fortification.

It is not the work of Kurono to supervise small matters on the site, but due to the equipment being made, he himself gives out some demands.

The following are the demands given by him.

  1. Reinforcement of Rhone River embankment.

They, from the get go, didn’t have enough time, manpower, and materials for making a completely new protective wall. This left them with no choice but to use the things they can get their hands on.

The embankment is a flood control structure made up by piling up sand and earth, therefore it’s sturdiness was far more than that of fence…

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