Chapter 93

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

Chapter 93 – Assault! Simon’s Laboratory

“I see……so it had turned into something troublesome.”
In my hands, is the bulletin of the emergency quest that I got from Onii-san.
I understood somewhat about the situation because of it.
If I had been secluding myself in mountains for 1 more week, I would’ve encountered the dreadful army called as Crusader.
“Right now the embankment is under construction for the purpose of being a protective wall.”
In front of the area where Onii-san pointed his finger, there were beast men and dwarves erecting fence of woods and wrapping some sort of iron wire around it.
From the looks of it, the villagers are preparing themselves for fighting even while knowing the situation.
“We will stop Crusaders here, at worst they will come here day after tomorrow.”
“Then, is it alright to be hanging out with…

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