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Chapter 94

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proofreader: ET

Chapter 94 – Assault! Simon’s Laboratory

Standing there was not a cabin or shed but more like a storeroom. [ET: Remember he wanted to go to her laboratory.]

“C-come in……”

Simon opened the door with an embarrassed expression and invited me in.

“So this is the laboratory, huh”

“That’s right! Something like this is my laboratory you got a problem!? It can’t be helped at all! A rank 1 adventurer ain’t got money to buy a spacious room!”

“No, I know about that so calm down.”

I now understand why we crossed the garden instead of entering through the front door of this lodging and come to this place. So this is Simon’s lodging room cum laboratory.

Well it would be bad if one were to use the guest room of lodging for something other than sleeping or resting. And with the income of…

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