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Chapter 106

Translator: ET

Editor: DG

Proof Reader: ET

As Always my favorite Yandere….after Yuno…..anyways off to chapters. And 3 people have given me complaints that the donation button ain’t working for them, so for them try this method: Go to Paypal. Click Send Payment. Put in amount you wanna give and type in my e-mail : and then click send. This trick I learnt from SK… there might be problems with others too due to some technical problems with some buttons in Paypal and is right now common.

Chapter 106 – Fairy vs. Pegasus Knights

In a certain room of the guild, Lily was sitting alone on the floor.

Just outside the thin walls a battle is taking place and a lot of blood is flowing on streets. Naturally, the great noise is also reaching that room too but strangely, inside the room was an atmosphere screaming ‘Dead Silence’.


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