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Chapter 107

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

For those who are waiting for MnD today…pls don’t This Chapter of KnM was posted today because I reserved it before and so i can’t at the last moment not post it…That’s why as I told before no Chapters on (Saturday and Sunday and sometimes Friday), unless I reserve it in advance. Well then have fun…..Before this chapter do know this line: I believe the author went mad while writing this chapter so it was really difficult for me to TL it because the raws itself didn’t make any sense.

Chapter 107 – Soldier’s Role

“No good!? The gun barrel is overheated! It won’t shoot unless it’s cooled down.”

Kurono after hearing this message, he thought ‘Finally, the time had come.’

He knew from the start that the cross fire will not keep on continuing for always, some crusaders who are unhurt will…

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