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Chapter 113

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

Whole Chapter is Kurono Telling us the last some chapters in short.

Chapter 113 – The Night on the 2nd of Hatsubi Month

Looks like the Crusader’s have completely retreated, the white large army that attacked, is nowhere to be seen right now.

Only some small groups might be hiding on the opposite shore to observe us.

The main force should have returned back to Vato Village.

“We somehow made it today.”

I murmured and closed my eyes.

In truth I didn’t want to sleep in the guild room, but Mossan persuaded me saying ‘Relaxation is also an important part of work’.

To stop the advance of enemy soldiers the main fire powers like me who can use bullet arts and the machine gun shouldn’t be away from the gates. In near future, either me or Mossan will have to stand near the…

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