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Chapter 114

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

I’m sorry for late Chapter, there is a really big reason for it… The school festival is coming up and the classes are preparing for it and so please not expect the chapters till the next week on regular basis (per day basis). For a sorry note, I will post many Chapters of MnD and KnM and KnW and maybe Ore to Kanojo by next Sunday. I’m really sorry. And now for those who will rant about chapter today too, should go this website : View This and be happy that you’re ______. Feel free to fill the blank and don’t worry nobody will remember you now that you’re ______

Chapter 114 – The night on the Second of Hatsubi Month (2)

The ones in charge of night guard are the beast men who can see in the night or the the thieves…

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