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Chapter 130

Chapter 130 The Fall of the Black Box

Inside the guild’s lobby, every remaining adventurer had assembled and were beginning to evacuate through the escape route.

Seeing everyone’s injured and worn out bodies, I once again realized that a fierce battle was taking place everywhere.

And above all, our numbers had decreased.

We were 103 adventurers in total but especially today, we lost 20 men leading to a major decrease in our forces.

But we’re still inside battle. I don’t have the time to grieve for them. We need to quickly evacuate from Alsace village.

“Vulcan, lead the assault team and make preparations at the rear gate first.”

“Is that fine? You becoming the rear guard?”

“Don’t worry. That was the plan from the start after all.”

“Right, there was that as well. Then we’ll leave first.”

Everyone had already been told that an enemy heavy knight squad was approaching us from the rear.

And to escape through the highway, we’ll have no other choice but to break through this 100 man squad.

That will be our last obstacle.

“Ah, Onii-san.”

“Simon—-woah, it seems you had it tough as well.”

Simon who was shouldering the [Yatagarasu] was completely covered in soot.

Looking closely, Simon’s slender white arms had places that had red painful looking burns as well. She must have been targeted by fire attack magic.(T/N: kurono still doesn’t know that Simon is a guy.)

“There were a lot of magicians after all. Everytime I shot, 10 fireballs were returned back towards me. It really was a pain to deal with.”

She gave a wry smile while saying that. It seems she’s still energetic.

“But I’m glad you were fine. C’mon, Simon should also hurry up and leave.”

“Un, then I’ll be going first—-!?!”

As she said that, Simon’s head jerked suddenly.

It was a reaction as if a hammer had been hit but what had had hit her head wasn’t a mass of steel but a mass of boobs.

“How can this be? Simon you’re injured, come, show them to me.”(susu)

“Ah, Susu-san…..”

Maybe her DP was still active, Su-san who appeared out of nowhere hugged Simon from behind.

Simon tried to get away while being embarrassed but couldn’t get away from Su-san serious locking arm.

At the same time, everytime Simon turned his head, the massive breasts on top her head swayed and bounced as if it was a slime——wait, it really is made of slime right?

“Don’t play around and go, you two.”(kurono)

“Oh my bad, then let’s go Simon.”(susu)

“Uua……see you Onii-san.”

Simon looked like he wanted to say something but, in the end, was carried away by Su-san.

As I sent off those two women who got along well, most of the other adventurers had also departed it seems and the usually busy lobby not felt very lonely.

As I was feeling sentimental like that, the last member also returned.

“I’m back Kurono.”(lily)

Since Lily was holding back the Pegasus Knights till all of the rest evacuated, she was the last one to return back to the guild.

“It’s good that you are still safe.”(kurono)

“We were only glaring each other after all.”

She had already returned to her child form but her mind was still in the normal state.

“I also confirmed from the air, a white armoured group was heading towards us.”(lily)

“I see. If it was just infantry soldiers, it would have been much easier though.”

“But, is it fine? We have only stopped them for 5 days. There’s a chance that they might catch up with the refugees you know?”

“Yeah, but we could make use of guerrilla warfare in the Gallahad mountain ranges to stop them for a 1 more day.”


“…….probably. We won’t know unless we try.”

Lily’s mean spirited smile was painful for my heart. Please don’t show such an evil smile while in the child form.

“fufu, it’ll be fine. We’ll make through somehow.”

“That’s true. Then Lily go first—–“

“there’s no way I’m going before you. I’ll always be together with Kurono and I have no intention to be away from you.”

Since there was need for Lily to be in the rear guard with me, I wanted her to leave first but she clung on to my hood of the robe as usual. I can’t even shake her off like this.

“Can’t be helped.”

As I patted her head who was sitting around my neck like a cat, she really calmed me down amazingly even though we were inside a battlefield of carnage.

“You seem to be pretty carefree even under such situations, Kurono-san.”

“Fiona!? Uu, Um, is it fine to walk already?”

The black clothed witch Fiona also appeared with her usual sleepy expression but, was it justme that felt that her expression was also giving off an extremely cold feeling?

“Complete recovery, is what I’d like to say but at least I can walk normally for now. I received a lot of potions after all.”(Fiona)

I could imagine Fiona gulping down all sorts of potions on her bed in my mind.

“Then I’ll go first and prepare the horses.”(Fiona)

“I’ll leave it to you.” (kurono)

After seeing Fiona off as she disappeared into the underground escape passage, the sound and the shock waves shaking the guild became bigger.

“Soon, this place will also become dangerous—-“

Especially the entrance; they must have brought a battering ram as it’s making a loud banging sound.

No matter how much I have enhanced it, it’s only a matter of time before they rbeak through if it continues like that.

“Now then, time for me to use my last trick as well.”




(POV change)

The crusaders had, after crossing through the barbed wires and crushing through the wooden fence, finally broken through the Alsace protective wall.

Now that demons had stopped resisting and cooped up inside the guild, they were able to easily cross over the fence where they were struggling till now.

And finally, the end of this battle of was now in sight.

The crusaders rushed and flocked around the guild building known as the black box as if they were ants rushing towards sugar.

Around the guild, the visibility was still bad due to the smokescreens but since not even a single arrow was being fired towards them, they continued moving towards it at full pace.

Only the Pegasus Knights were unable to attack since they could not see the enemies from the air and were on standby in mid air. They simply decided to observe as the ground forces toppled that ominous building.

“Alright, one more strike!!”

Vigorous shouts resounded in front of the guild.

The soldiers were using the logs used for crossing the river to break the gate as well.

It was a non-magical primitive method but the log being lifted and swung by countless soldiers clearly had the destructive force as it bent the black magic enhanced gate with every hit.

And finally, after receiving damage beyond its limits, the black gate was broken down and the formidable Black box finally allowed the entry of invaders.

“It’s open!! Charge!!!”


Raising a loud war cry, the troops rushed inside the guild.

The lobby was big enough to allow 100 adventurers stand together but under the waves of the rushing soldiers, it was quickly filled.

“What, the enemy isn’t here!!”

“Be careful, they might be hiding upstairs.”

“No, they must have an escape route! Search for it!!”

Since this wasn’t really out of their predictions, the troops moved quickly.

One of them climbed the stairs and checked every separate room. Another one checked for a secret escape route in the walls or the floor.

Probably, a request for searching had also been sent to the Pegasus Knights in the air.

At least, it was impossible for around 50 demons to suddenly disappear into nothingness.

They didn’t know whether they were hiding or had run away, but it was only a matter of time before they would be found.

That was what every Crusader was thinking.


An ominous sound resounded inside the ears of every soldier inside the guild.

“O, Oi, that was—–“

A sound as if a pillar of wood had been broken, and, that was an absolutely correct thought as well.

With consecutive sounds of something vital breaking apart, the floor began to tremble.

“Quickly run!! It’s going to fall!!”

The soldiers quickly turned to run out of the guild but it was already too late.

The building loaded with countless troops instantly collapsed and also dragged the surrounding troops with it as well without allowing them any time to escape.

The loud sound of destruction resounded all over the surroundings as it drowned out the screams of the soldiers.




(Kurono POV)

“—–Blackening release.”

As I released the blackening on the guild, the wooden building instantly fell as I had already left a trick for that.

“Alright. Looks like that went well.”

“We did it!”

I did a high five with Lily on my shoulder.

The explosive sound and rumbling that reached even this escape passage proved that my trick had worked well.

If I destroyed the guild completely like this, I could also seal the entrance to this escape passage as well.

“nn, it looks like quite a lot of them were dragged into it as well.”(lily)

“Is that so? It seems the guild worked its best till the end. I must thank it.”(kurono)

Although I was the one who had enhanced it, the guild had really beared well till this time. If one day we were able to free back Alsace from the Crusaders, I’ll make sure to build a commemorative stone here for the guild.

“I’ve done all I could. All that’s left is too run away at full speed!”



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