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Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Element Master Vs Hundred Numbers (2)

There were 4 standing in front of me and Lily. 2 on each side and behind us was the black barbed wires. We had been completely surrounded by 8 people.

The problem is how to break through this encirclement.

“Well, I can’t think of anything but using brute force in such a situation—.“


“Uoh, what the hell!?”

Suddenly, flames exploded on the right side and swallowed up the 2 experimental bodies standing there.

From inside the smoke, a black figure came out.

“I’m also a member of the party. I’ll be troubled if you don’t make fight as well.”

“Fiona! You came at the perfect time!”

While holding a red wand, Fiona came towards us with her usual expression.

“It seems that the opponent has some sort of connection with Kurono-san but that doesn’t change the fact that we have to defeat them, right?”(Fiona)

“Yeah, after dealing with these guys I’ll explain it to you later.”(kurono)

“I understand.”

Due to Fiona’s surprise attack, the 2 on the right side had already been dealt with.

The experimental bodies remaining are 6. I think we can do this now!

“Lily, Fiona, I leave these guys to you. I’ll take care of destroying their leader.”

“Un, leave it us Kurono!!”(lily)

“Roger that.”(Fiona)

I’m the most suitable to break through with brute force. Lily in her child form and Fiona who is not at max magical energy, these two should have enough power to deal with the remaining 6 experiments.

If I can quickly take care of that disgusting bastard, their chain of command will definitely crumble.

After that we could take down the remaining experimental bodies, or even running away wouldn’t be too difficult. Getting away from here is the priority after all.

There might be a better plan to deal with the current situation but I don’t have the time to do that right now.

“Let’s go!”

Both parties moved at the same time.

“”Black Bullet – Rifle.””

As the bullets were fired towards us from the left and front, the 2 women and one man from the side once again attacked with their swords as well.

“Black Shield.”

I deployed the shield to block the bullets and lowered my body as I began sprinting.

For the time being, my opponents are the 4 in front of me. I’ll leave the 2 on the side to Lily and Fiona.


I kept on running forward while blocking the bullets with my shield.

They can’t stop me from moving with gunfire of such a low level.

Even if I don’t use my shield, their [Rifle] that is much less harder than my [Magic Bullet Arts] would be blocked by my [Baphomet’s Embrace].

But, just as how the shock of the bullet is still received even when you’re wearing a bulletproof vest, I would also feel the impact which is something I really don’t want to experience.

In front of me, the two women rushed towards me with 3×2=6 swords, just like before.

As I looked at their faces again, I felt disturbed as I remembered the faces of my classmates but I quickly shook off my nostalgia, pity as well as sadness and focused on the battle.

“Magic Sword Arts—“

Out of the 10 swords I brought out, I used 6 to block against their [Auto Killer]. The rest 4 were thrown towards the 2 men behind the girls who were providing covering support fire.

While controlling the magic swords and with my shield still deployed, I dashed with full speed by putting power and magical energy in my feet.

The shield had begun to crack from the continuous gunfire but its hardness is still there. I’ll just use it to ram into them like this.

It is not as strong as the Tower shields used by the heavy knights but it’s enough to stop those girls.



The shield was destroyed under the simultaneous attack from the two girls’ blackened swords, But,



I brilliantly pushed the 2 girls aside with my shield tackle.

One of them was able to maintain her balance by taking a few steps back but the other one fell down and gave a clear opening.


Without any mercy, I released my martial art towards the fallen girl.

The black horizontal slash blew away her left arm holding the sword.

I had aimed to spit her whole body but it seems she was able to react at the last moment and evaded.

“Black Smoke.”

Rather than continuing my attack, I decided to use smokescreen.

In the first place, my target was the enemy boss. Rather than staying here to finish them off, it’s more necessary to ignore them and move forward.

Also, even though her arm was cut off, I doubt they even have a sense of pain. They would simply keep on attacking while ignoring the injury.

“See ya, I’ll be going on ahead.”

I once again ran further as the 2 girls were captured inside the smoke.

Something like a buckshot was also fired from behind me but I ignored it and kept running. I’ll leave these 2 to Fiona and Lily.

My next opponents were the 2 men.

“”منع انتشار الظلام الجدران السوداء الداكنة الدفاع””

Seeing me rush towards them to attack, they should have understood my intentions even if they don’t really have a will of their own.

Stopping their [Rifle] attacks, they began chanting.

Beside them were 4 broken blackened swords. They must have destroyed those I had fired earlier.

Damn, I had used most of my swords during the battle with the heavy knights so these were the last 10 of my swords. Damn them for destroying my precious reserves like this.

Well, thanks to that these guys had been unable to fire when I faced those 2 girls though.


I called back the 6 swords that had been blocking the enemy’s [Auto Killer].

As long as I can see them, I can perfectly control each and every sword and even if they are out of my sights, I can still control them by speaking like this. Thus, the swords returned back and floated behind me.

“”—-[Black Wall].””

As my swords returned, in front of me the jet black wall had been deployed.

It was a defensive magic that was able to match my and Lily’s combined attack and nullify it. I’m a bit lacking in power for destroying them alone.

“But, it doesn’t matter if I have come till here.”

The height of the black wall was around 4m on both sides. Normally one would advance after breaking it or taking a detour.

But, don’t underestimate my physical capabilities!!


Kicking the ground hard enough to make it sink in a little, I jumped towards the black wall.

I, who had already jumped at about 3m, kicked the surface of the wall again and rose even further.

As I reached the max height of the jump, I was already above the wall.

I stepped on it lightly once again, and crossed over the wall just like that.

“—-Pierce through!”

I sent the 6 swords towards the 2 men on the ground.

And I pointed my baton towards that ex-masked bastard that was standing in the middle of the highway.

“Ooh, not bad No.49.”

“Don’t call me by that name—“

My eyes met with his in mid air.

As usual I can’t sense any killing intent from him. As he released an unpleasant atmosphere, I,

“My name is—-“

Instantly, countless black bullets appeared.

Its aim was obvious, the mad bastard from that research facility.

“–Kurono!!” (kurono)

I released a black storm filled with the intent to kill—


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