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Chapter 135

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

Only one chapter today…have fun….and the author does like to have cliffhangers…and yeah I will start reblogging the chapters from now on when i get time as for the not reblogged old chapters…. I will just add the link to SK’s page in ToC…some time later

Chapter 135 – Fairy and Witch (1)

Fiona and Lily jumped inside the forest from the highway as if escaping from the rain of black bullets.

“I really don’t want to take that attack on with no shield or cover.”(lily)

“Oh, Lily-san you ‘woke up’ now?”

A dazzling emerald green sphere and a black clothed witch were running through the dense green forest.

“You can’t cooperate with the child me. I’m forcibly trying to retain my consciousness, be grateful for that”

Lily in her small form inside the oracle field stares at Fiona with stabbing eyes.


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