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Chapter 136

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

I reserved this chapter so It’s being posted. Anyhow, as I had said before, the school festival started yesterday so I didn’t put anything much and the chapters I am posting are the ones I had already TL’ed or TL’ed in really less time. SO all in all, from tomorrow, is the week for readers as they will get more chapter releases. AH btw this chapter also has an cliffhanger

Chapter 136 – Experimental Subject and Researcher

This was sometime after No. 49 had completed many maneuvering experiments.

“Do you not like No. 49?”

Cyprus was suddenly asked such words by the head of third laboratory and the commander of Holy Soldier Project, Bishop Judas. [ET: Holy Soldier project is in simple words the project of experimenting on humans to make them apostles and bastards.]

“No, something like that……”

He was wearing the…

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