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Chapter 137

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

Well today I will upload only KnM and then go to sleep or read some other novels or watch anime…and tomorrow MnD 4 chapters will be released (2 for left out days and 2 for Bonus). And day after tomorrow 2 chapters once again (1 normal and 1 bonus.) *Note: Names will be released on the the bonus chapters only. AH btw… b’cuz I was (WAS not AM) sleepy that I did 1 chapter of KnM. (need to have fun!) and this chapter is also with the goddamn cliff & hanger

Chapter 137 – Fairy and Witch (2)

Inside the forest with a firing tower a new flame arose.
“――『Ignis Kris Sagita』”
The intermediate level offensive spell『Ignis Kris Sagita』fired by Fiona is activated 3 times faster than normal due to shortening the spell (TN: a.k.a short spell)
Short Spell is the high-class technique…

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