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Chapter 138

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

Well have fun with Cliffhangers nothing more to say here other than Kurono is not so OP right now but still has potential.

Chapter 138 – Black Mage vs Summoner (1)

The sword glowing of silver color assaults Kurono as if cutting through darkness.

The feeling of scorching heat starts to spread in the shape of character of one (TN: Horizontal slash like (一)), though the wound is shallow, but the blade has definitely cut him.


If that attack was a martial skill, he would’ve died.

The Mithril Blade easily cuts through the black magic robe a.k.a『Baphomet’s Embrace』which increases the defensive power of the wearer.

Even if it was a swing of sword, if he took it head-on it would’ve had become a fatal wound. Kurono evaded with paper-thin difference and somehow runs away from Cyprus’s slashing attacks.

“Ora! What happened No…

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