Chapter 139

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

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Welp, here is your chapter of KnM and I got really high while TL’ing the chapter. ….. (holy crap I actually typed it)…Anyhow, MnD 2 Chapters (Parts of Chapter 17 and part 2 of 16 is complete) are being TL’ed… and will be given to you in some time….Have funn~~~ Btw this chapter can be said that it is a cliffhanger? maybe

Chapter 139 –  The Black Mage vs Summoner (2)

“Yeah, how can I let a shitty ass-hole scumbag like you living in this word?”

Finally, I can finally see the chance of winning.

Cyprus takes stance while thinking my words are just a bluff and is still smiling faintly with disgust.

I grasp the『Cursed Grudge Hatchet「HaraRetsu」』in my right hand tightly, and commence the attack having the resolve that I will only get one chance for it.

“Here I go—”

I run…

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