Chapter 142

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Well, I got late in KnM updates due to me roaming out of home and me being away from Wi-Fi. Well, forget whatever I typed before and have fun with anon-fighting chapter. Those who were/are waiting for MnD Chapters (f5 spammers included) can start f5’ing or click refresh button after exactly 8 [ED: Sorry got it wrong before] 9 hours and 30 minutes later. Anyway have fun~. Btw I will post an Status Update of all the Projects (Ore to Kanojo included) and I will make a page for Ore to kanojo tomorrow too.

Chapter 142 – The Circumstances of the 8th Apostle

In the plaza of Alsace Village many soldiers were waiting with the cavalry troops at lead.

The safe and sound Pegasus Knights Group was also included in them.

Their mission was to pursue the demons who planned the escape…

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