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Chapter 148

Chapter 148 Alsace Village Occupied

At the Alsace Village HQ, in one of the rooms of the building that was once the Village Head’s house, the 2 Apostles, Norz, and the direct subordinate of the 8th Apostle, Sister Sylvia were currently gathered.

In front of the 2 heavenly Apostles , Norz was bowing his head but his expression was rotten as if he had just swallowed an insect.

“…….Thank you very much for your help in the annihilation of the demons, 11th Apostle Lord Misa.”(norz)

But only the words of gratitude were allowed to leave his mouth.

Even if they

“Like I said, I’m going back already!”(misa)

“Isn’t it fine! They prepared even meals for us specially. Come and eat with us ~”(Ai)

Were chattering among themselves and not listening to anything Norz was saying.

“No way. I’m not going to eat something prepared by this shabby occupation army in this remote region.”(misa)

“Eh, bread and soup is really delicious though? Much better than portable food provisions!”(Ai)

“Your eating habits are too poor for an Apostle! We are special existences chosen by God, that’s why we need to live more specially than normal people!”(misa)

“You’re talking like a noble.”(Ai)

“We ARE nobles! The title of ‘Lord’ isn’t just for show!!”(misa)

“I didn’t really get a court rank—“(Ai)

As their talks continued endlessly, Norz was left to wait in stiffened state.

He glanced towards Sylvia who was also waiting beside him, to check her appearance but,


With a gentle smile, she was listening attentively to the conversation between her master and Misa.

It seems Sylvia had no intention to stop their useless conversation either.

As a result, after almost 30mins had passed, their chatting finally ended as Misa left after refusing Ai’s invitation to join her for the meal.

“—then, you mean to say that you intentionally let that ‘Devil’ run away alive?”(norz)

Finally, Norz was able to know the details of the situation.

“Yup, also the fairy Lily-chan and the witch Fiona-chan as well.”(Ai)


After the fateful incident at Irz, and finally, the Devil Kurono who had made victim of a lot of soldiers of their whole squad was left alive, was a fact to which Norz simply could not readily agree to but he simply could not yell at an Apostle.

Norz who had served in the army for a very long time, was perfectly aware not to be foolish enough to reject their superior’s instructions.

“nfufu, sorry Sylvia –chan, for leaving you alone for such a long time.”(Ai)

“No, it’s fine Master, as long as you return like this……”(Sylvia)

Even though Misa had finally left, now Ai and Sylvia had started flirting around with each other but even then, Norz had no authority to complain.

Why two women were……it was stupid to even think about it. Looking at Ai who was playing around with Sylvia with a manner of hands that would put even the most perverted of geezers to shame, he realized that she swung that way from the very start.

“I humble apologise but can you please let me confirm some more of the details?”(norz)

Choosing the timing, just when those two ended their passionate actual lover-like kiss, he asked again.

“Nn? There was still something left?”(Ai)

“It was Bishop Gregorius that deployed 11th Apostle Misa, is that correct?”(norz)

“Yup, since she said ‘grego-somethin’, there’s only old man Gregorius among those in Pandora that matches that description.”(ai)

Ai answered while groping Sylvia’s bountiful chest. Ignoring that action altogether, Norz confirmed his thoughts in his mind.

“I see, so by reinforcements, Bishop Gregorius meant an Apostle…..”(norz)

As he muttered that,

“Nn, is that it, is that the place!”(ai)

“Ah, please stop Master, anymore than this is…….”(Sylvia)

He realized that he could not get any more info from Ai whose dumbness was at max power.

There were famous rumours in the streets of the Republic that the 8th Apostle went around wandering all over the place while defeating monsters and punishing corrupt merchants and government officials here and there. Of course, Norz was also aware of that.

Even though she was never in Elysion, the fact that she knows about every high ranking clergyman dispatched to Pandora means that many other subordinates like Sylvia have been dispatched at every place.

Subordinates like Sylvia who wore a nun’s habit over their voluptuous bodies.

Seriously, it was outrageous.

“Well, Misa was the one who did it, most of the demons who ran away must have been killed surely. With this the occupation army’s mission is also over, right?”(Ai)


As Norz showed a somewhat dissatisfied expression, Ai gave a slight warning while licking Sylvia’s white nape of the enck.

“You’re not allowed to chase after Kurono-kun, ‘kay?”(Ai)


As Ai declared that Kurono and the other two would probably reach the neighbouring Spada much easily if they were not ‘hindered’ any further, Norz only became more and more dissatisfied.

But since he could never speak angrily to her, and he had heard everything he wanted to, Norz decided to take his leave as fast as possible from here.

“8th Apostle Ai-sama, thank you for your cooperation. Please leave the rest to us.”(norz)

“Nn, oh right, I need to return the commanding authority back as well. I’ll leave tomorrow morning again so after that old man, you’ll be the in-charge again.”(Ai)

“Very well.”(norz)

Indicating that there is nothing else to talk about, Ai stood up from her seat.

Thinking that tonight she could have fun, Ai began to leave the room while linking arms with Sylvia tightly but stopped once again before the door and turned back.

“Oh right right, you’ll probably be scolded by the ‘higher ups’ for losing so many men in capturing just a small village but just tell them that you were facing a guy that could defeat even the 8th Apostle, alright? Well, I doubt they’ll believe you though. See ya!”(Ai)

And this time finally, she left the room.

Norz who alone was left in the room stood up as well and drew his mace from his waist.


He swung it down directly on the seat on which the Apostle was sitting just a few seconds ago.

In any case, on the 6th of Hatsubi, with the occupation of Alsace village, the Crusaders had finally taken control over all of Daedalus territory.


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