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Chapter 149

Translator: ET

Editor: SK

Proof Reader: ET

This chapter was quite big(like that of MnD), somehow I completed it, and for good news I’m back in TL’ing business. In short, normal TL’s starting from tomorrow. To make up for the chapters of past 1~3 day(s). I will post 3 chapters for 3 days. (2 of MnD and 1 of KnM). Before starting this chapter, one note for you people: This chapter shows us the true intentions and heart of author. Furthermore, the only thing he thinks while showing it is: Just kill ’em all. Leave one for more killing later on. Hahahah~~

Chapter 149 – The Survivors

The sun had already disappeared along the ridgelines of Galahad Mountain Range, and night had come upon.

Normally there wouldn’t be anyone who would walk in the dark roads here, but right now there were 3 shadows walking silently while a faint light…

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