KENS Chapter 4


Chapter 4 Hero and the Newbie Adventurer (4)

What are the important things needed on a journey?

When I came to this world, I thought it would have been easy to just walk from one village to another or one town to another. Riding a carriage as it swayed would be a great thing in this different world.

……..That was not a very happy memory.

What’s important is food and provisions. That too, things like dried meat or crackers that would last long. Though they aren’t very tasty.

Dried meat is pickled with salt so the taste is as you would expect. Not to mention that it is stiff. Very stiff.

I ended up yearning for the tender cooking of the modern world in just a week of staying in the different world.

The crackers are tasteless. They are only meant to fill the stomach.

You could say that I had underestimated living in a fantasy world.

Thinking about how food is available in the modern world as canned, sterilised and perfectly packed, I felt as if the humans in our world were geniuses on par with God.

We had to prepare our own food. It won’t suddenly appear out of nowhere.

You could say that we were being too naïve but we really did think like that back then.

“Now then, let’s go and buy the things necessary for the journey.”

After talking with Miss Francesca about the above things, we decided on doing the preparations together.

Of course I had excluded the things about the different world.

That’s because it seems that nobody had taught her anything related to journeying and travelling.

Guess that’s normal though. Usually, such things are taught by seniors in the guild or you learn through years of experience.

A newbie adventurer like her doesn’t have any person like a senior in the guild and obviously she doesn’t have any experience either.

Well in this case I’ll be the senior but……

“Even if I say that..”

I only need a few change of clothes and food for a few days. And a blanket and water, that’s all.

Well since I can’t use magic, I guess I’ll also need a flint and some oil as well.

They also sell things like tents but since its too bulky I have never bought it since I travelled alone.

Whenever the weather worsened, I would simply rest under a rock or the shade of a tree till it cleared out. That helps in saving money after all.

But since a woman would also be travelling with me, I guess I’ll need to buy that as well. As expected, even I wouldn’t make a woman sleep outdoors. Not to mention, that she’s a noble.

“Now that I think about it, if you’re a student at the Magic Academy, then you should be able to use magic as well, right?”(renji)

“Ah, yes, somewhat….”

As she said that, Miss Francesca seemed to act a little bashful.

Along with those looks, she really looks cute.

[Oi, stop grinning.]


“Then can you create a fire?”


Then we don’t need a flint.

If she can create a fire with magic, then we’ll be fine as long as find some dry wood near the place we camp.

Magicians are really convenient during travels.

They can create fire when sleeping outside and can also create clean water as well.

Magic is really convenient. You could even call it an all-purpose thing.

The magicians in this world use magic by imagining a phenomenon within their minds.

Unlike games, chanting isn’t really needed usually. But to create a fireball and to shoot a fireball are two different things. That’s where the most difficult part of imagining comes. This what the great magician of this world and that almost-Chuunibyou magician said to me.

To create a fireball, all you needed to do was to imagine a fireball above your palm. Rest, you can simply depend on using you magical energy needed to create it.

But to shoot out the fireball, you had to first imagine the fireball and then also imagine its trajectory perfectly as well.

The higher the level of magic used, the more complex it is to perfectly imagine the details.

Also, the magical energy used is also important.

The magicians need to imagine a lot of things at the same time apparently.

To help this, chants are used.

By speaking the spell words, the imagination becomes deeper and more clear and distinct.

The higher the level of concentration, the more detailed the imagination is, the better and stronger the magic will be activated.

That is how the magic in this world works.

Actually, there are a lot of complicated formulas behind it as well but my comrades were all God-slaying cheat holders after all.

They simply ignored all that and released super strong magic like it was normal.

“If you can use magic, then you should been able to take on atleast some goblins after gaining some experience I think.”

“uu…….i’m sorry.”

“Uh, no, you don’t really have to apologise there.”

Magic is really convenient and powerful.

She had said that her speciality was taking notes then not just fireball, she should be able to use ice blade or wind blade as well. Its power is incomparable to the strike of a normal sword.

The fireball could burn their bodies, ice blade could pierce through skin and leather armour easily. And the wind blade could slash at the opponent without being visible.

But there are times when a magician becomes useless in an actual battle.

That’s because when clashing swords with an enemy in front them, they don’t have the composure to think about anything else.

When someone is coming at you to take away your life, you can’t really think of an image of a fireball inside your head after all.

That’s why it is normal for rushing towards magicians to enter into close combat against magicians.

Well, there are first class magicians that can keep on using magic even when in close combat as well though.

But it’d be too harsh too expect that from a newbie adventurer like her.

“All that’s left is the weapon, eh?”

She had a new short sword but I had nothing.

I did have the God-slaying cheat Ermenhilde but that’s not something I can calmly show off to others.

The title of ‘Hero’ was too troublesome which is why I had gone off on a journey alone. I have no intention to tell that I’m a hero now.

As I thought about what to buy, I sighed.

If it was going to turn out like this, I shouldn’t have sold that worn-out sword that I got from those goblins.

While I sent Miss Francesca to go buy some clothes and underwear for herself, I went around to choose a weapon for myself.

[This is going to hurt your purse hard.]


I looked towards the brand new long sword and battle axe leaning against the wall.

Each and every one of them was costly. At an average, each costed about dozens of copper coins. The even costlier ones costed few gold coins.

The cheapest one was an iron knife. The cost was 8 copper coins.

Rather than a knife for fighting, it was more like a tool for housework.

I decided to buy that one in a single glance.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t really need any weapons from such shops. After all I already have a partner weapon to which I could entrust my life with, Ermenhilde.

But I was not going say that out loud.

If I did, this medal of mine would start getting cocky after all.

I had ended up saying something like that many a times back then…….my comrades had started to become suspicious of me.

I had been shouted at that I was raising a death flag before our fight with the Demon God.

I think I had been influenced by my comrades too much.

How nostalgic, really. I wonder if those guys are still doing well?

As I gave another sigh, and picked up one of those knives.

Suddenly, my gaze went towards the sword that I had sold after coming to this village.

It was a famous sword given to me by the king of [Imnesia].

Its blade was made of mithril and had been forged by a dwarf. The decorations had been done by an elf and been granted the divine protection of the spirits of the earth and forests.

On the amethyst embedded on the handle, the emblem of [Imnesia] would appear when you pour magical energy inside it. There were only 13 of these swords in this world.

Such a famous sword would be priceless.

It was not something that could be sold at its true cost in such a rural village.

Probably, it would be sold at a proper cost when the peddler comes to the village next time.

If they knew that I had sold such a famous sword in such a rural village, I would probably be imprisoned for lese majeste.

This might be a little late but I ended up sweating a little when I thought that.

“It’s an amazing sword……you can tell just by looking that it’s a top class item.”

“I know.”

Francesca called towards me as she saw that sword.

She must have bought the clothing I had told her to, she was holding a luggage wrapped in cloth with her.

In this world, paper was very valuable. The have a method to make paper but it is not very stable.

Since there are no machines and it is made through hand, the production can’t keep up.

That’s why, during shopping if someone buys a small thing, he’s given that as it is. And if the thing bought is larger, it is given by wrapping it a neat piece of cloth.

“It’s a rare sword. Any swordsman would want that.”(renji)

“It seems to have been made from mithril, must be the work of a dwarf…….I can also sense magic. I wonder if it was refined by an elf?”(fran)

“Well…… I haven’t really heard of a method used by elves that could refine Mithril.”

I bragged a little.

“If no price has been set that means that they must not want to sell it.”

After all it was made by an elf and a dwarf together who are famous for always being on bad terms.

If they knew the story behind its creation, there was no way a price could be set for it.

I smiled wryly as Miss Francesca talked about it with gleaming eyes.

She must be pretty confident about her knowledge if she could talk about mithril and other such materials.

—-I guess it was true that she was good at taking notes at class.

I guess I should try talking to her about such topics later.

While thinking about things as if they were unrelated to me, I brought the iron knife to the counter.

[What, do you still have some attachments with that sword?]

“Well, it’s the same for me whether it’s a mithril sword or an iron knife.”(renji)

“I don’t think that’s true. Mithril is very strong against ghosts and undead. To put it at the same level of iron is….”(fran)

Francesca reacted to the words I spoke to Ermenhilde.

Within my pocket, Ermenhilde started snickering towards this mismatched conversation.

“That’s true. I guess its not comparable with iron.”(renji)

But both of them were simple weapon. They could never replace my partner Ermenhilde.

I put the iron knife along with the tent and other things on the counter and brought out 20 copper coins.

This really is going to hurt my purse.

The shopkeeper who knew of my financial condition, gave a wry smile and gave me some extra dried meat for free.

[I wonder what kind of Hero takes donations from villagers.]

“Thank you very much.”

I heard a somewhat philosophical voice coming from inside my pocket.

Why does it want me to be a hero so much? I really don’t want to have a title like a Hero.

As I sighed, the shopkeeper misunderstood it as getting down due to my huge expenses and further added some free crackers as well.

My eyes were now already nailed on the coins being taken by the shopkeeper rather than on the mithril sword.

I felt like I heard a sigh that only I could hear but I ignored it.

For a human to keep on living, money is more important than weapons.

While carrying quite a bit of luggage under my arms, I gave another sigh.

I really should have worked a bit harder to raise money I think.




As I left the store, we first moved towards the inn to drop our luggage. As expected, it would be troublesome to carry it all the time with me. And then we decided to take a break there as well.

I didn’t ask for milk but asked for only water that was free. Any more expenses would have an effect on my meal tonight.

I feel sorry for Miss Francesca but I had to ask her to pay for her own expenses.

[…..Undependable, as usual.]


While being disappointed from that voice that seemed to be enjoying this, I drank water.

It’s lukewarm.

I guess it might be too much to demand for cold water from a inn of a rural village.

In the royal capital or any other slightly big towns, a magician would make the ice but there’s no way a magician would live in a village like this.

Well, there’s one in front of me but she’s not a worker of the inn.

“Tomorrow, we’ll leave the village.”(renji)


That was the last confirmation.

I had explained everything else before we went shopping.

After leaving this village, we’ll walk towards the neighbouring village.

We won’t use a carriage to increase her physical endurance and stamina as well as to help her gain experience in travelling.

After hunting down the Orc she might go back to her school but for now she’s an adventurer.

Then, during this time, I’m thinking of training her like a normal adventurer as well.

That should increase my reward and the person herself agrees with it.

“Then I’ll be troubling you from here onwards.”(fran)

Saying that, she bowed her head.

I would in fact be troubled if we were to move by carriages so I’m actually thankful.

Obviously, by trouble I mean financial ones.

Carriages are only used by people who have surplus money. Also those who want to keep themselves perfectly safe during the journey.

Merchants and dealers are usually the ones who use them. They put up escort missions in the guild quite a lot as well so there are times when I had also escorted them.

They are pretty rich and also prepare meals during the trip so it’s not really bad.

Well, sometimes there are also those merchants who act too-familiar and those who deal with slaves as well though.

“Don’t worry. You lack stamina so it’s perfect for it.”(renji)


I ended up giving a wry smile as she was at a loss for words.

In the first place, it’s rare for a student to go on a journey. Since they’re always studying while sitting on their desks, its normal that they don’t have any stamina.

While thinking of such things, I looked outside from the window.

I saw a boy who looked like an orphan.

Sitting on the road, he seemed to be in a daze waiting for someone to give him money or food.

There are a lot of orphans in this world.

Before the Demon God had been defeated, the monsters had been attacking the villages, burning houses and killing the people constantly.

Due to that, even after a year has passed, there are still a lot of orphans like that.

They have orphanages set up as well, but the number isn’t sufficient enough.

Quite a lot of my comrades seem to be working to change the situation but it still hasn’t been planned out perfectly yet it seems.

In the first place, the concept of welfare programmes itself didn’t exist here, there’s no way they could make visible changes in just one year.

Even if it’s one of the heroes that saved the world that is calling for it.

The ones who have the money are the nobles. To make them understand, we aren’t eloquent enough.

Even the God slaying cheat holding heroes are also humans in that case.

Well, there is a guy who’s making a lot of money by using such a cheat and trying to change the world as well though.

For example chess, or shogi.

This world, that had forgotten ways to enjoy due to the threat of monsters, have been completely immersed in this game.

As a means for amusement, one set of each game is being sold for money.

I think it’s pretty well done.

I wonder if I lived more admirably, will my life be a bit more easier?

I think that might be true.

I wonder if I’m just incapable of such things or is it just because of everyone else’s cheat skill.

Well, it’s probably the former I think.

While thinking that, I was given a gold coin.

“It’s the advance for the reward.”(fran)

“n, thanks.”(renji)

One gold coin. It basically equals a 100 copper coins. By the way, 100 gold coins = 1 silver coin.

I don’t think I remember even seeing a silver coin in the past one year. In the first place, nobody needs that big of an amount to live on normally everyday.

I think it’s been a long time since I saw a gold coin as well.

By the way, I’m aware that there are quite a lot of gold coins stuffed inside her purse.

I just ended up seeing it accidently while we were shopping that’s all. I didn’t have any ill intentions at all.

I think it can’t be helped that I ended up seeing that but as expected of a noble.

She’s so careless and defenceless, I feel like she’ll get robbed sooner or later.

Also, it might be a bit late to say this but, I think it would have been much better if I had gotten this before we started shopping.

I would have been able to make a bit more better preparations for the journey.

Well, we’ll still need to live on dried meat though.

I really want to somehow change that fact.

I have been thinking about it all the time after coming to this world but someone like me who can’t even cook can’t really do anything about it.


I wonder if that sigh was towards the defenceless Francesca or towards the unworthy actions of the hero that was looking inside other people’s purses. Or maybe it’s uselessly thinking about something stupid.

…… any case, it must be something related to me.

“From tomorrow we’re going on a walking journey. Let’s take a proper rest today.”(renji)

“Yes. Please take care of me from here onwards, Renji-san.”(fran)

As she asked with such a wide smile, even I started feeling happy about this.

This must also be some kind of talent.

[You’re making an undisciplined face again, how deplorable.]

“All men are like that.”(renji)

We’re weak towards smiles made by beauties. It really can’t be helped.

“What are you going to do about lodging?”(renji)

“I have rented a room at this inn as well.”(fran)

As she said that, I looked towards the landlady as she gave a smile.

Well, she’s also running the inn here as well. It must be pretty convenient.

“…….I’m not really a morning person you see…..”(fran)

Thought so.

It really is convenient.

It seems this is gonna be a fun journey.

[Your face, face.]

Oh shaddup.

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