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The Beloved Daughter of the Crime Family, Even After Reincarnation Became the Young Lady of a Gangster Family in an Otome Game!

Akutou Ikka no Mana Musume, Tensei Saki mo Otome Game no Gokudou Reijou deshita. – Saijoukyuu Rank no Akuyaku-sama, Sono Dekiai wa Fuyou desu!

悪党一家の愛娘、転生先も乙女ゲームの極道令嬢でした。 悪党一家の愛娘、転生先も乙女ゲームの極道令嬢でした。~最上級ランクの悪役さま、その溺愛は不要です!~

Author: Amekawa Touko

Synopsis: Lady Francesca, on one fateful day, recalled that the world she lives in is in fact the world of an [otome game where the men of the underworld were the capture targets] and that she was a heroine of that world.


But the problem was………

“……..I!! even in my past life in Japan, was the [grandaughter of a yakuza boss]!?!”

Her life was in danger everyday, and forget romance, even making normal friends was impossible in her past life. “If I were to reincarnate, I want to be part of normal family this time! Also I want to make friends!!” She was sure she had wished so, yet……..

“I will never abandon you even if you are a villain.”

The moral code she had been raised in during her past life, was driving her actions even now.

In this game’s main story, the main villain was her own fiancé, Leonardo. That villain was destined to bring chaos to Francesca’s daily life.

That’s why she wanted to annul her engagement with him beforehand but instead, Leonardo ended up being more fascinated by her.

“How cute, Francesca. I love you so much, so please, continue to entertain me.”

“Absolutely no way! I am not your toy!”

After all this time, she wanted to live a peaceful life no matter what.

Francesca, while being doted on by her fiancé, she continued to aim for a “peaceful and normal life”. (*And hilariously fail at it)


Part 1

Chapters: 1, 2, 3 ,4

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