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KENS Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Gathering (3)

Saying that she had work to do now, Utano-san drove me out of her room. As I left the warm room, the corridor felt colder than normal making me rub my hands together.

I recalled Utano-san’s expression while she drove me out of her room. I feel like her gaze was 3 times more colder than usual. Did Solnea’s case weigh that much on her mind. There are hardly many things that can make Utano-san worry though.

Sighing, and thinking about some way to lift her mood again, I headed towards the Training grounds. Might as well go and meet Souichi and the others as well. I should show my face to O’brien-san as well. Since he was busy with his Knight duties and I spent more time at the guild, we somehow had yet to meet. If I delayed it any longer I feel like he’ll get angry and yell at me.

Even though he’s reaching his fifties, he’s still active in the field. I can’t even tell what would happen when he gets angry.

When I showed up at the grounds, Kuuki came towards me with a surprised face. Aya also came alongside him.

When I saw Aya, I recalled my conversation with Utano-san……about Solnea. For a second, I couldn’t think of a way to start a conversation with her. In the meantime, Aya came right in front of me and looked up towards me. Her side ponytail swayed around energetically showing off her girlish charm.

“Did something happen?”(aya)


“No, you look like you’re worrying about something.”(aya)

I am. Yes. Wait, can I say that I am actually worried?

I recalled how Utano-san questioned me about various things regarding my relationship with Solnea. Seriously, I met her just today. In fact, I didn’t just ‘meet’ her like normal people do either. It’d be better to say that I took her under my protection for now.

While thinking of that, I gave a smile towards Aya as thanks for worrying about me. At that, Aya also blushed and gave a shy smile. Really, Aya’s pureness heals me.

“So, what happened?”

“Oh yeah, Kuuki, just listen to this..”(renji)

“……..uwahh. I don’t want to.”(kuuki)

While getting healed by Aya, I tried to speak to Kuuki but he just made an unpleasant face openly. Goddamnit, this heartless bastard.

Back then, he used to listen to me with such a happy smile. It must be that. He must have gotten complacent after getting in the relationship with the princess. I guess that’s also growth in a way. How envious. Just get married already. Then, I’ll give all my blessings (curses) to you.

“I helped someone and ended up worsening Utano-san’s mood.”(renji)

“Just quietly apologise to her.”


“It must be another woman again, right?”

He didn’t even think before speaking as if it actually was all my fault. Oh well, I guess this isn’t the first time something like this has happened so I guess they are not to blame.

To save someone, you need power. Whether it be fighting power, monetary, or fame/reputation. It is definitely necessary. Back then, I was lacking in all of them yet wanted to save others so I ended up trying to save them all anyway. As a result I ended up displeasuring Utano-san countless times. And I can’t even deny that none of those were women related matters either.

I am a man after all. I can’t help but lend a hand to a woman in distress. Makes me motivated as well. All the more so if it is a beauty. No, I did save many men as well, okay? But still, I guess my image inside Utano-san’s head is still that of a  ‘womanizer’. Even though it’s mostly unintentional.

“……….What kind of a person do you take me for?”(renji)

What the hell did he mean by ‘must be another woman’ and ‘again’, huh? It’s like I only try to save women. I actually do try to save people regardless of their gender you know? What a rude guy. While I was talking to Kuuki, my right sleeve was lightly pulled. It was Aya.

But right now, Aya was not showing her smile from before and was looking at me with a somewhat troubled face.

[What is it, Aya?]

“Ah, umm…..”

I’m guessing she must be curious about the person I saved.

She wants to ask but must be feeling embarrassed to do so. Her reaction felt so cute that even I felt that it was bad of me to just keep on looking at her like this and not doing anything.

[Don’t trouble Aya too much, Renji.]

“I don’t intend to. I’ll answer as long as she properly asks.”(renji)


[That’s exactly what’s troubling her you fool, seriously!]

When I gave a laugh seeing Aya at a loss for words after what Ermenhilde said, Ermenhilde sighed at me. Looking at our  exchange, Kuuki gave a wry smile as well. Aya finally calmed down as well as her expression became lighter after taking a deep breath. Just then, after a sound of explosion rand followed by the cheering of the soldiers. Judging from the people at the grounds right now and the sound that just came, it must be Masaki-chan’s demonic sword. It must be one her abilities.

I’d be worried if her opponent was someone normal but if its Souichi, he’d be able to parry her properly. The other two with me seemed to be of the same opinion as they didn’t seem to show any signs of panicking. We casually moved to become a part of the encircling crowd of soldiers as well. Surprised from my sudden appearance maybe, the crowd of soldiers split in two to give me a way through. Feeling all of their gazes accumulate towards me, I scratched my head in displeasure and flinched for a moment. Kuuki and Aya seemed to be used to this as they walked down the path created by the soldiers normally. As I quickly followed those two, I saw Souichi and Masaki-chan exchanging sword blows in the centre. In their hands were a blue Holy sword and a scarlet demonic sword. Well, in this case, it’d be appropriate to call hers a Demonic katana.

Yayoi-chan and Kudou were standing a bit far away while talking with each other. As usual, yayoi-chan’s smile seemed to be a bit scary. Well leaving those two aside, I turned towards the two who were slashing at each other at a speed difficult to follow with human eyes.

With a shrill sound, sparks flew over the field and ground was gouged out every time they moved around while kicking the field. Seeing as neither of their swords were enveloped in the usual blue flames and scarlet flames, I could tell that they weren’t even serious right now. They are just testing each other. Something like that. But even at that, every slash split the air and blasted the stone ground. The soldiers around had taken measures to not get damaged  but it still looked dangerous for them. I don’t know what Kudou said to incite them but right now, both of them were only trying to see each other’s growth. Looking closely, both of them were actually smiling at each other while using deadly slashes at each other. They are confident that their opponent could dodge attacks of this level.

We were foreigners. Summoned from another world, receiving the divine protection of the goddess, and received powers and abilities alien to the residents of this world. That gift was much lesser inside me but even I would never lose to some random guy. But the remaining twelve were different. Especially these two in front of me, even more so. Even though they are holding back, they were still at a level not a single person here could hope to reach. In close combat, not even Kuuki or Aya can win against those two. They lack people who possess the same level of strength. That’s why they enjoy training against each other so much. The shrill sound of swords clashing and the roaring explosions of flames made my eardrums vibrate. Did they start concentrating more, I am unable to catch even the sound of clashing swords right now. Every move was so fast. While swing their sword at a speed that left after images, they kept on fighting while smiling and truly enjoying it. But even that won’t continue forever. Masaki-chan was the first one to realize my presence. Even though they were fighting at unimaginable speeds, I could tell that our eyes met for a split second. And at that split second, her movements dulled. Souichi wasn’t naïve enough to let go of that opening. That guy has  timid personality but he would never ever let an opening in the enemy’s defences go unpunished. He had the strength to fully utilise that opening in his favour. He possessed the sense to know exactly when to go for the finishing blow. And following it, Souichi rushed in towards Masaki-chan. She countered with a super fast thrust aiming for is head.

The finale came in an instant. Slipping through the thrust of the katana, the blue blade was thrust right underneath Masaki-chan’s throat. The sound of swords stopped and silence came over the ground.

“I surrender. It’s my loss.”(masaki)


The silence was broken by Masaki-chan’s surrender and Souichi’s shout of joy. After all that action, they seem to be only slightly out of breath. Their bodies made them almost unable to feel fatigue. The remaining soldiers simply stared at them in a daze. This was what Hero was like. The Brave who saved the world. The humans who were the hope of the people. In their gazes were feelings of respect and aspiration, and excitement.

After a while, the soldiers returned back to their training while heated up from the battle they saw. The Brave and The Demonic Sword user. The battle between the two Heroes that stood at the front lines swing their swords during the journey to subjugate the Demon God. It’s only normal to get motivated seeing such a battle.


“Mouu, don’t appear so suddenly just when it was getting good, Yamada-san.”(masaki)

“…….was that my fault?”(renji)

“Just when I was getting all excited, I lost all concentration after all.”

[It’s your fault to have lost concentration though, isn’t it?]


Cutely puffing her cheeks, she, Hisaki Masaki, quickly returned to showing a sweet energetic smile. The Demonic Sword user who wished the goddess for [A sword that can tear through even fate]. If in recall correctly, her house was a shrine but she herself lacked any such ladylike manners. If I had to say, she was more like the big sister type of girl. Even now, she was simply laughing off her loss to Souichi. Inside, she must be planning to take revenge for the loss later though.

She’s a sore loser but strong willed. I think back then she used to say “I’m a Miko!” a lot. Well with her long black hair, a miko dress would definitely suit her a lot. But her personality is another case altogether. She’s the type of woman who’s idea of fun is to fight Souichi with swords. And she’s easy to read. To speak specifically, she’s the type to quickly take action and jump directly at a horde of monster and start swinging around her sword. She’s actually more manly than even me, in a sense.

“Huh, Renji-niichan. When did you come here?”(souichi)

And Souichi was surprised, finally realizing I was here. Just how concentrated to the fight were you? Well, that’s a part of his strength though. But still, seeing him stand beside Masaki-chan, did this guy really not grow much in terms of height in the past one year? He’s actually a bit shorter than her. Not to mention that he has a androgynous face which resembles her sisters face. It might be amusing to make him crossdress sometime.

Well, if I did that, I would be literally killed by Masaki-chan and Yayoi-chan though.

“I came here just now. Was watching your fight.”(renji)

“Yeah, I won!”


Saying that, he raised his hand in the air. Beside him, Masaki-chan made a regretful face but since it’d only spell more trouble for me if said something stupid, so I kept my mouth shut. After all, they’ll have a rematch sooner or later anyway. I also raised my right hand and did a high five with Souichi. As usual, he didn’t seem to hold back at all making my hand hurt for no reason. I didn’t show it on my face but she must have realized it as Kudou gave a stifled laugh. Goddamn her. She’s unusually receptive only at such weird things. When I gave a light glare to the beautiful maid, she came towards me with a rare amused face. She must have enjoyed teasing Souichi seeing that she didn’t have her usual expressionless face. What a shitty personality. Alongside her, yayoi-chan came walking towards us as well. With Aya already beside me, it felt nice being surrounded by beautiful girls. Kudou is, well, like that though. It’s a pain to know someone true personality as well I guess. Even though her face is good. Just her face, though.

“Long time no see, Renji-san.”(yayoi)

“Yayoi-chan as well, good to see you safe and sound again.”(renji)

“Yes. Thank you for protecting Aya-chan as always.”(yayoi)

As she gave a bow saying that, I felt a bit embarrassed. I was the one who was protected in the end though. But I hesitated to say that as well, and in the end I could only scratch my cheek.

My reaction must have been amusing as Yayoi-chan gave an elegant laugh. Even though she’s not some high noble lady or anything yet Yayoi-chan exuded elegance always. She was a true Yamato Nadeshiko. I guess, it wasn’t weird that someone like her would get the title of [Saint] either. Well, all that instantly disappears when it comes to anything that involves Souichi though.

“You always get provocated so easily by Rin-chan……I was worried, yayoi.”(aya)

“I’m sorry, Aya-chan.”(yayoi)

Aya-chan joined our conversation as well. She didn’t show any signs of being timid though, in fact her smile almost felt like it was still poisonous. Well, she must have known that Kudou was intentionally trying to mess with them when she clung to Souichi. But if you knew, why did you still go along with her anyway? To end up provocated anyway, I guess ‘love is blind’ after all.

As I looked at the children talking with smiles, I felt like I had gotten older. Even though I’m used to this scene. 3 years ago, after getting summoned here, this was just any normal conversation between my comrades. How nostalgic this feels. Must be because I stayed away from them for the past one year. While I was thinking of that, I brought out Ermenhilde from my pocket and gently caressed the medal. Right after getting summoned, nobody thought about the danger we’d be putting our lives at and simply enjoying facing each other with swords. How very nostalgic indeed.

[What happened?]

“No, it’s nothing.”(renji)

I felt a bit sad when I thought of it as well. I couldn’t even properly reply to Ermenhilde’s worried voice. How hopeless am I? Even though I had chosen Ermenhilde above all of them and had put distance between us all. In the end, I’m back here again. I don’t feel bad about it, in fact I am enjoying it as well. It’s fun to adventure alongside Ms Francesca and the others but to be so close with my trusted comrades felt so comfortable. Above all, it made me remind that place I will always return to will always be here.

“Oi Kuuki, do you know where O’brien-san is?”(renji)

“The Commander?”(kuuki)

“I need to meet with him sooner or later after all.”

“That’s true. Though both of you had bad timing, he really has been wanting to meet you again, you know?”

“………..that, sounds really scary on its own though.”

When I said that, Kuuki gave a laugh. Since I received the least amount of abilities from our gifts, I had been taught by O’brien-san the most. He must be laughing remembering that. Goddamn him.

“But, today might be difficult though.”(kuuki)


“It’s been really busy today after all. Must be due to the demon Souichi-kun brought here today, I guess.”

Oh yeah, there was that as well. I see. Recalling that Utano-san seemed to be busy as well, I scratched my head. She must have been looking out for me. Even though she has scary eyes, she’s the kindest of us all after all. Though she’d probably bury me if I said that to her face.

After talking to Kuuki, I decided to slowly walk away without letting the kids happily talking notice me. But, just when I was about to leave the grounds, Aya found me.

“I’ll go with you.”(aya)

“Ah, hm, no, I’ll go alone.”(renji)

“…….I’m not allowed?”


Even if you look at me like that, I cannot take her where I’m about to go. If I did, Utano-san really will get angry at me. Aya seemed to understand where I was headed as well since she didn’t insist any further. I have never shown her that place ever but she must be vaguely aware of my destination. Or maybe, she knows very well where exactly I’m going.

Aya wasn’t a child anymore. Souichi and the others weren’t either. A time comes when you have show them the dark side of humans but for now, I want them to happily spend their lives as teenagers. That may be for just my own self-satisfaction though.

“Say, are you free tonight?”(renji)

“Eh? Eh, um??”(Aya)

“How about we go for dinner together?”(renji)

But still, then why do I go through the trouble of following up like this just after I made her feel a bit sad. I’m a bit too clever, if I say so myself. It’s because of things like this that my relationship with both Utano-san and Aya was so unsteady. It’s not like we’re still back to the way we were a year ago either. I just keep on taking advantage of the gentleness of these women.

Doing a complete turnaround from her previous expression, Aya gave a wide smile. Yeah, this definitely suits her better. I suddenly felt gazes at me and on looking around I saw Souichi and Kudou laughing while looking at me. Seriously, what kind of misunderstandings do they have now?

“I need to show myself at Toudou’s place as well after all. Shall we go together?”(renji) (T/N: in case you guys have forgotten, Toudou is the cook of the 13)

“With pleasure!”(aya)

“I see. Then we’ll go there before the sun sets.”

Saying that, I left the grounds. Aya will definitely get teased by Souichi and the others but it only made me feel lighter. The place I’m heading to is a depressing place so I want to be in as high of a mood as possible. As a reward for myself, I’ll also get to go to dinner with a beauty like Aya later as well. So let’s be strong.

[You sure have a way with words.]

“Not really, I didn’t have any ill-intent either. I just didn’t want to leave her feeling down, that’s all.”

Was it just my imagination that I sensed a slight bit of irritation in Ermenhilde’s voice? Was that because I treated Aya like a kid or because I had a date for dinner planned with her?

The place I was heading to was underground. The place was cold and felt extremely eerie; probably because I have not a single good memory of while being underground. Fighting undeads, getting attacked by slimes, getting drenched in sewage and filth, and almost getting buried alive. Just recalling it all made me truly thank the fact that I was still alive.

[If that was the case, why not just take Aya with you?]

“It’s cold underground. I’ll be scolded by Utano-san if I let Aya catch a cold or something.”

[Don’t say things you don’t even mean……..It’s really painful to be treated like a child you know?]

Did those words come from personal experience, I wonder? Ermenhilde’s voice seemed to be gloomy and sad. I wasn’t really joking about catching a cold though. When I simply shrugged my shoulders, Ermenhilde gave a fed up sigh.

“But well, to adults, children will always remain children.”

Just like how Astraera said that you were precious. But still she……..——-I shook my head, I can’t let my thoughts go in that direction. That was what I should have asked her when I lost Eru and gained Ermenhilde but never was able to. I simply did not have the courage to do so. No, I simply couldn’t accept what the Demon Lord and the Goddess told me. And even after a year, the Dragon King told me the same thing. I haven’t grown at all. I haven’t progressed at all.

But soon…….it’s about time to finally move ahead. While I’m here in the capital, when there are people who know me by my side, I end up thinking like that. What a useless adult I am. I truly think that from the bottom of my heart. Even Souichi and the others are still giving their all while living in this world.

[What happened?]

“Nothing. I was just thinking that a jail is definitely not a place where you take children.”




The people were overrun by the Demon God, they shivered in the freezing cold, their houses were burnt away, their cattle was killed, and they had no choice but to keep on living with very little support. It was considered fortunate to just be alive. Many lost their children and kids lost their parents. People would cooperate with their friends and neighbours, and help each other out. The threat of monsters was still present as ever. And the danger to their life had not disappeared yet either.

But, that doesn’t mean that there was no crime in this world. Theft, murder, rape, etc etc. the darkness of human beings was always there. It was an unchangeable fact. If there are rich people then there were also poor people. There are those who wish for money, for blood and for power. It was a neverchanging truth of the world. And just like there are those who don’t lose themselves to these thoughts, there will always be those who do.

The stone corridors in the castle were cold but the jails created to imprison criminals felt even colder. As I walked through it while using my winter-use fur mantle to cover my body, the criminals captured in the cells were making noise by hitting the iron bars of their cells. The sound was truly irritating. Since the only source of light was a dim lamp stuck on the wall, I could feel the eyes of the inmates glowing as they tried to attract my attention. The number of cells was not less than 20. I haven’t really counted them but in any case, more than half of them were currently occupied by criminals. These were humans who’d hurt people of their own race even though the world was still under the threat of monsters. I know that sometimes there is no choice for people but to take such a path but that doesn’t mean I sympathise with them. I’m sure they are also victims of some tragedy but there must be many that were victims of these people as well.

The cells had nothing more than a few blankets to be used and a dirty basin as a replacement for toilets. And every cell was filled with 5-10 criminals each. These criminals ranged from humans, dwarves and beastmen as well. There weren’t any elves probably because since they can use magic, they need to be put into jails made for magic users. The freezing cold must be deadly but they’re paying for their own mistakes. Even after saving the world, saving humans, we cannot save criminals no matter what. What an empty feeling.

I started feeling a bit down again. I was right to have not brought Aya here. It’s still far too early for that child. The same goes for Souichi and others.

[As usual, it’s a really depressing an dark place.]

“It is a jail after all.”

That’s the kind of place a jail is. It can’t be helped. I felt like Ermenhilde’s voice tried to imply to me that she wanted to return as fast possible. Well, even I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have something to do after all.

As I kept on walking through the corridor while ignoring the pleading cries from the criminals, a much more noticeably sturdy jail came into my sights. There were five of those. The bars of the cell weren’t made from iron but from Mithril instead. And these bars were engraved with complicated looking patterns and letters forming a spell. I couldn’t read them but I think they’re letters used by Elves. The magic engraved is [Sealing]. Inside those, the use of magic was impossible. It’s a place to keep magic using criminals. They were big enough to have ten people inside one cell at the same time. I could also see one of those cells was currently occupied by a few people as well. When I came closer, they realized of my presence as well as one soldier opened up the cell gate for me.


“Hello, Utano-san.”

Saying that, I entered. Inside the cell, there was also an aged knight and 5 armoured soldiers behind him. And Utano-san as well. The last one was—–I couldn’t tell properly due to the dim lighting but it was probably that demon we captured back at the Magic City. His hands had been bound behind his back and he was currently lying flat on the ground of the cell. The place near his stomach had blood seeping out. Seeing as no treatment had been done, it’s probably as a means to torture him. Confirming the current situation with a quick glance, I turned towards the most highest ranking aged knight standing here.

“It has been a long time, O’brien-dono.”(renji)

“You shouldn’t bow your heads to others so easily, Renji-dono.”(ob) (T/N:’ob’ for O’brien )

But still, such formal way of talking really doesn’t suit us. O’brien-san must be thinking of the same thing as he cleared his throat and shook his body a bit. The full body mithril armour made a noise as it moved. He’s one head shorter than me but I’m hundred percent sure than underneath that armour is a body far more muscular and well built than mine. The full body armour he’s wearing would probably make me unable to even move if I tried wearing it.

Imnesia kingdom Knight Order, Knight Commander O’brien Arbelia. Currently at the age of 48, he was still a man to fight directly at the front lines of a battle. Well respected by even the king himself, he was also adored by every soldier. He was the centre piece of the whole Knight Order, one could say. By the way he’s also something like my master who taught me how to fight. I can still remember how he used to train me from day to night, continuously striking at me regardless of the fact that I was one those supposed heroes. Souichi and others could already fight above the level of a normal soldier right from the start but he was worried about me since I couldn’t. By the way, at night I would be the great library to learn about this world’s language and script, its history, ecology of monsters, basics of magic etc; all of that was hammered into my head………. It’s amazing I actually lasted till the end. Well done, me. When I think back about it I realize how much overworked I was. Well, thanks to that we were able to survive our journey and can now live on like this though.

“You should consider your position more, Saviour.”(ob)


“No, well, acting prideful and full of swagger really doesn’t suit me, I think.”(renji)

“No need to be full of swagger. Everyone knows that doesn’t you at all. But, it’s important to be prideful though. No matter how much you try to run away from it, you will always remain as one of the 13 Heroes after all.”(ob)

I felt my mouth cramp a bit when he said ‘runaway’. Well he’s true though. Whether it be Fafnir or him, people older than me are really not gentle towards me. But well, that’d be troubling in its own way I guess.

Unable to refute what he said, I averted my gaze and looked towards the demon lying on the ground. His expression was one of surprise for a second, then quickly changed to that of one filled with hatred and anger.

“For one, I am just an adventurer now and you, O’brien-san, are the commander of the Knights Order after all. Don’t you have a higher status than me?”(renji)

“Compared to a aged knight to the hero who saved the world, it’s you with the higher status, you fool.”(ob)

I felt a bit pity for the soldiers standing behind him panicking and confused from our conversation. For the time being, I’d be happier if you’d just ignore me and continue with the torture though. No wait, it’s not like I enjoy seeing that or anything either though.

I wonder what she thought about me as Utano-san came close to me and whispered into my ears.

“Why are you here?”(yuuko)

“If this is related to the Demon God, I come under people concerned with it after all.”(renji)

Even if I run away from the title of a Hero, I don’t want to run away from the Demon God. Not because I’m an Apostle of the goddess, neither because I’m a god-slayer……….simply because I’m a human who was summoned to this world. Because that’s the path she chose. Because that is what she wished for. And because that was her wish, that I was unable to fulfil.

“Yamada Renji!!”(demon)

“……..again, eh?”

I wonder if it’s popular among demons to call me like that with my full name nowadays. I feel like Shelfa…….the Demon Lord also called me by my full name. Ignoring his hatred filled gaze, I took a few steps back. And as if exchanging for me, O’brien-san and the soldiers came forward. It made me feel sick just thinking about what’s going to happen next but still, I must face it.

“As usual, you’re hated by demons with a passion, eh?”

“Well, I did kill their God after all.”

I killed the God they worshipped. There should be no limit to their hatred for me. To us humans, that’d be like demons killing the Goddess. Nobody would want to accept that, nobody would even want to acknowledge something like that. That’s why they’ll point their hatred towards the person responsible. Even though we are always trying to kill each other, I still can’t get used to getting hated like this though. But still, this is fine I think. As long as that hatred is pointed towards just me and not towards Utano-san or Souichi and others.

Utano-san gave a sigh but O’brien-san paid no heed to it as he kicked the demon on the ground. There were no civil rights here. Humans, Demihumans, Beastmen and Demons were in relationship of hating each other and killing each other. It’s already decided what’ll happen when you get captured like this.

Even back in our world, during the world wars, people did unspeakable and inhumane things. And considering here they aren’t even of the same race, there were no constraints in releasing your hatred. I can understand why the Goddess was so worried. Will a day come when no one will work together with each other anymroe?

“So, did you learn something?”(renji)

“Nothing at all. His mouth is tight shut.”(ob)

[Not surprising really.]

I agreed with Ermenhilde’s words. That demon will be killed in the end anyway. He won’t give out info advantageous to us at any cost.

Was a way to gently persuade him otherwise really impossible? When I looked towards Utano-san, she simply shook her head. In the first place, there’s no guarantee that he actually has any info that could satisfy us. Controlling that many monsters and even having the ability to summon a demon God’s descendant was real but everything else seemed to shoddy. This demon must be a disposable pawn. Maybe he was simply working solo. If not, Souichi should have been attacked while he brought the demon here.

O’brien-san seemed to understand that fact as well. After interrogating a bit more, he’ll probably end it.

“Oh, right.”(renji)

Recalling something, I brought out the fragment of crystal I had. It’s the fragment of the crystal that had Solnea sleeping in it. There’s too much I don’t know about this, so I should ask about it. I squatted down near him and showed him the crystal.

“This seem familiar to you?”(renji)

“…….what’s that?”(ob)

“A little something.”(renji)

While listening to O’brien-san I studied the demon’s expression closely. It was completely dyed in hatred towards me and showed no change.

“What about the name Solnea?”(renji)

“Don’t know. Even if I did, who would tell that to the likes of you?”(demon)

“I don’t trust your words either but, well, your emotions show on your face so it doesn’t really matter.”(renji)

Saying that, I stood up.

No luck here, I guess. While playing with the crystal fragment with my fingers, I thought about what that girl could be. Since there is literally no info about her, I won’t suddenly find an answer either. I wonder what Utano-san was thinking as she gave a sidelong glance towards me. Is she being suspicious of me again?

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