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KENS Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Fighting Tournament (4)

Inside the tranquil space, a clear ringing voice resounded. Inside the Cathedral built in the castle, in front of the statue of the Goddess, a woman dressed in an extravagant robe was giving a prayer while kneeling. They were words praising the Goddess Astraera and were filled with reverence. I wonder what kind of feelings go through the Goddess when she sees people worshiping her like this. The name of the woman offering the prayer was Amalda Imnesia. The daughter of this country’s king. i.e The Princess of the kingdom.

Her robe was made of a pure silk-like material with silver embroidery matching her silver hair. Her hands linked in prayer were small and her body seemed delicate that the excessive ornaments on her seemed to be difficult to move in. On her side was a tall knight but he seemed even taller beside her as she was slightly shorter than average height.

Normally, calling her cute rather than beautiful would be more apt but right now, even she could only be referred to as a dignified beauty. To her side was the tall knight, her lover, dressed in a mithril armour brilliantly decorated with gems. An extremely good looking couple. Even the ‘gap’/difference between their tall body and short stature only seemed to make them look better. I wonder how many of them here are actually looking at those two right now. The beauty and the beast. Wait, that’s a wrong analogy.

Even in public, the distance between those two is less. I wonder if that’s done unconsciously. But no one would dare to find fault with that either. Not even the king, her father. How great that is. Seeing my other worldly comrade marry into power and wealth with full family approval almost made me feel slightly envious along with happiness. If their relationship continues to get better, one day he’ll be the next king of this country. But knowing what kind of guy Kuuki is, I couldn’t really imagine him as a king at all.

While I was thinking of such random things, the prayer continued in the princess’s beautiful voice. Even though the cathedral was filled with almost a hundred people, her voice could be heard very clearly and distinctly. Everyone was silent, and were listening to her as if they had forgot to even breathe. It felt as if her sound resounded directly inside our bodies.

“I wonder how long till those two get married?”(renji)


When I spoke up , I got scolded by Utano-san beside me.

Why is it that all the ceremonies in this world are so damn long? At least in a fantasy world, they could be shorter right? Or maybe it could be that since the existence of Gods is a fact, their prayers are even longer and more detailed than ours. I wasn’t really religious even back then so I haven’t really heard much of those prayers either though.

On the opposite side of me, Souichi also seemed to be fidgeting in discomfort. Though probably not as much as me, he’s also pretty bored I guess. And Aya seemed to be scolding him as well for that though. Others don’t realize but she seemed to have already stepped on Souichi’s foot quite a few times already.

Maybe she caught me hiding a yawn, Utano-san also poke me over the armour. Looking at her, I saw that her eyes seemed to be even colder and narrower than usual. Honestly speaking, it’s scary. She already has sharp pointed eyes, but when she further narrows them, I end up raising a white flag out of instinct. She herself is pretty conscious of her eyes though. I feel like that her eyes really suit her face though.

But still, I’m so sleepy. It can’t be helped, I’m not good with such formal stuff. Well, I do think that it’s imprudent of me though. And I didn’t get much sleep last night so yawns just couldn’t be avoided.

It’s a childish excuse but it’s a fact so I can’t help it. The tournament table had been decided and was given to me only making my head ache. Not in the actual, disease way but more in a mental manner.

As I stirred my body a bit, my mithril armour made clanking noises. The sound wasn’t big enough to feel loud but I did feel that a few knights’ gaze turned towards me making me feel embarrassed. Aah, hurry up and end this already!

The armour on me felt heavy. Normally, I don’t even wear light armour so this heavy mithril armour felt like shackles on me. Even though mine is still far lighter than the iron armour the normal knights are wearing.

It’s a distinctive feature of this world that I have to wear such decorative armour for such formal events no matter what. IT’s pretty similar to how we wore suits back in our world. Though this is incomparably heavier, stuffier and difficult to move in than suits. Not to mention, I have to stand in attention pose for all this time which is killing my back.

[fumu. As usual, I simply cannot understand such ceremonies you humans do.]

Ermenhilde’s voice resounded inside my head. Her voice was also beautiful enough to not lose to the voice singing the prayer but I couldn’t reply to her right now considering the situation. She must be bored as well as her voice seemed to be more tired than normal. I think Utano-san and Souichi nearby also heard her as I felt the gazes at me increase. Why is everyone looking at me? While holding thoughts that may make me look like I’m overly self-conscious,  I gave a light sigh. Utano-san poked my armour again.

But anyway, I understood what Ermenhilde meant. Astraera—-the goddess that the humans worship doesn’t like such overly formal ceremonies herself. Or rather, she doesn’t understand why they have to be so strict and formal about it. That woman, in her way, likes to simply enjoy fun things. Maybe the reason she watches over this world, and tried to protect them from the hands of the Demon King was…….probably because she enjoyed seeing the daily lives of humans of this world.

I haven’t heard this from her mouth directly but I think it’s true. That’s the kind of Goddess she is.

I looked towards the silver statue of the Goddess. For something created by humans, it resembles her actual appearance way too much I think. Well, if I said that to her directly, she’d get angry like a raging fire though. But still, I feel that the statue captures her specific characteristics quite well.

Apparently, a long, long time ago, she had appeared directly in some sculptor of that time or something like that, I think. And the statue he created in her semblance is the one in the cathedral. Though it’s obvious what may have actually happened. She has a very playful side to her after all, she must have been bored and done that on a whim. Although why exactly did she choose to appear in that man’s dream, I’m not sure.

[Astraera-sama loves fun celebrations and good food more than stuff like this though.]

There’s no way a human would know that, right? Though, that’s what she should say by coming in another man’s dream to be honest.

The fact that she doesn’t means that she probably finds this amusing as well. Or maybe, she’s just trying to keep her image as a Goddess intact.

She’s one of the pillars that created the world, she must enjoy being revered like this as well. I don’t really understand her thoughts though.

After a while, finally, the prayer ended.

After this, there was also the ceremony for the starting of the tournament, then the king, a man with a  brilliant white beard, will be giving a speech and the O’brien-san, the Knight commander, will be giving a word of motivation to encourage the participants.

This is the 3rd time I’ll be taking part after all, I’m pretty used to the ceremony patterns already. The actual tournament itself starts from tomorrow, but all the ceremonies are done one day earlier. Tomorrow, a much more simpler ceremony will take place in the arena in front of the audience.




After the ceremony was over, the atmosphere in the cathedral felt more like a party of nobles. The peacefulness wasn’t there anymore and everyone was freely talking to each other.

Students that’ll be taking part in tomorrow’s team battles or sons of noble families, knights of the castle and magicians as well. The heavy and serious atmosphere from before had disappeared.

Looking for familiar faces, I saw Souichi, Aya and Masaki-chan talking with friends, probably from their respective schools. In contrast to the students in school uniform, Souichi and the others were wearing their respective ceremony-use armour and magician robes. Among those students was also Ms Francesca. She seemed more closer to them probably since she knew me well. But still, as I thought, she really is much more ‘grown’ as compared to other students of her age. Especially when standing beside Aya and Masaki-chan. If those 2 heard me they’d definitely throw right inside a nest of monsters though.

As I gazed at them while resting on one of the walls of the cathedral, Utano-san, wearing a tight black robe, came walking towards me and stood beside me resting on the wall as well.


“No, you just seemed lonely so..”(utano)

[Well Renji does shrink back from everything in places like these after all.]

“It’s really not like that though.”(renji)

Scratching my chin, I said that.

True, it’s as Ermenhilde says but I didn’t feel like agreeing to that. Maybe because I’m wearing an iron gauntlet, it actually hurt scratching my chin.

“I simply didn’t have anyone to talk to.”

“That’s lonely in its own way.”(utano)

“I am aware of that.”

Well, neither do I have classmates like Souichi and others nor am I on specifically good terms with any nobles like Utano-san. It’s only normal that I’d feel out of place. If someone came up to talk to me, I’d happily continue the conversation but I can’t walk to someone and start a conversation myself. I myself realize what a lonely personality I have.

I’m really grateful to Utano-san who came up to talk to me. If she had not come, I would have probably left the cathedral sooner or later alone feeling lonely. That would have been so sad that it could make someone cry. It’s fine. At least I have Ermenhilde……….If that happened, there would be no saving me. But then again, that’s basically how I am.

“Oh right, about the tournament table…”

“What about it?……”

When I spoke of it, Utano-san averted her gaze clearly. It wouldn’t stand out as much as it did if it wasn’t Utano-san who basically has a habit o directly stare you down normally. Thus it seemed very suspicious.

No well, I’m not really blaming her for anything.

“My opponent changed so I was a bit surprised, that’s all.”(renji)

“……I see.”

[Yeah, that was surprising but I’m also grateful for that.]

“Grateful eh?…..I wonder about that.”

While replying to Ermenhilde like that, I realized I was smiling a bit.

My opponent in the first round was supposed to be Souichi but now the opponent was someone else. Most probably, she must have heard from Aya that I was actually planning to put some effort into it and must have changed it at the last moment. After all, if Souichi wasn’t supposed to be my opponent in the first place, she wouldn’t have called me to ask about it back then. That said, I was still planning on putting some effort into this even if my opponent was someone unbeatable like Souichi though, so this wasn’t really necessary.

“But, if possible…….at least you could have given a bit easier opponent.”

[Seriously. What happened to all your motivation now?…….]

“Really, show some energy. I’d like it more if you’d have a bit more pride in yourself.”(utano)

No but, I know that there’s no ‘easy’ opponent among everyone taking part in the tournament but still, I can’t help but speak like that. My opponent in the first round was O’brien Arbelia. The Knight Commander and also my teacher for sword fighting.

Honestly speaking, I have never won against him. Just thinking about how I’d have to fight against him in front of the public just makes my head hurt.

How should I say this but, at least I had an excuse if I lost against Souichi. It may sound uncool, but my opponent is the Brave of the 13 heroes. Nobody would have any problem even if I lost to him. Just putting up a good fight would be enough to fire up the audience. But against O’brien-san…..someone not a hero, that won’t do. No matter how weak, I’m one of the Heroes. To lose against anyone other than the remaining heroes would not be accepted. All the more so considering we are considered as the saviours of this world by the people.

I know how strong O’brien-san is. In a fair frontal battle, he’s stronger than me. That’s why this is troubling. Very troubling.

In front of such an audience, and not allowed to even lose, I have to fight against an opponent much stronger than me. Well, my head hurts but it’s not something new for me. In a situation where I simply couldn’t lose, I had to fight against far more stronger opponents. For someone, or something, I let my life hang on the balance. Demon God, the Demon Lord, cunning Demons and strong monsters, compared to all those this much more easier. AT least my life isn’t on the line. The fact that I’m still not allowed to lose is still the same though.

Well, I could say that I have to be actually serious to do this. In such situation, the state of your mind is very important after all.

“I’m glad.”

A small voice came from beside me. Looking that way, even though a lot of people were here, Utano-san looked at me with a gentle smile.  When our gazes met, her eyes narrowed but with warmth and gentleness I had never seen before.

“Though only a little, but your expression and face has become better.”(utano)

With a soft expression, she said that.

My face, eh? While thinking o that, I traced my face with my gauntlet wearing hand. The coldness of the steel felt nice inside the cathedral that had become quite warm due to the crowd.

“My face is the same normal one as before though?”(renji)

“Seriously……..But I guess your habit of avoiding topics like that hasn’t changed at all.”

“Humans don’t change that easily.”

“Yeah, it’s as you say.”

I wonder what she meant by that. I wanted to ask, but decided not to. But this time, I averted my gaze from her. I really wish I could learn how to keep calm in such situations.

“……Aya said that I had changed though?”(renji)

“fufu, is that so?”

As she laughed, softly, the beautiful smell of flowers came to me. Utano-san, implying that she was done talking, finally walked away. I simply looked at her back as she walked away without even trying to hide it. Her flaxen hair gently swayed as she walked and I could see her body line underneath the tight robe she wore.

[Didn’t she seem a bit more cheerful than usual?]


And also,…….she must have been worried about me. My heart was filled with feelings of apology.

Without saying anything, she kept on caring and worrying about me. Or am I being a bit too conceited? I recalled her words on the first night after I came back to the capital.

———how long will you keep on travelling around?

“She’s a really nice person.”

[Yes, she is.]

Am I near the end of my journey, or am I still not even halfway through it?

Since I didn’t know even that, her concern and consideration for me was——should I be happy or should I ask her to stop it?

Thinking till that, straightened my back resting on the wall. Since I’m done talking, there’s no need to be here anymore. Though it’d be fun to talk to Souichi and others, it’d be difficult to talk without gathering to much attention here. Right now, here, I’m not the adventurer Renji but one of the Heroes, Yamada Renji.

Feeling a few gazes, I realized that many people were looking at me while talking to each other. Going by their top-class clothes, they must be nobles. Nobles like that, or rather, their gossiping and talks with them, I’m really not good with it so I decided to run out as soon as possible.

“Not even going to greet me, Renji?”

Just when I was about to mix in with the crowd and get out, someone called to me.

Timidly, I turned around to see an old man with a great white beard and an grand atmosphere around him——the top man of this kingdom, King Joshua. As usual, he’s super casual and friendly or rather, very frank. You wouldn’t think he’s a king the way he comes and talks to you so easily.

“No, no such thing……..”(renji)

“You’re formal and stiff as usual. All of you are.”

“My lord is too informal, that’s all.”

When I said that, the young man with a good physique walking beside the king gave a nod as if he totally agreed with me. This man was the Prime Minister of the country, Warren-sama. Though he was agreeing with me, he’s not any better than the king and is pretty informal as well. You wouldn’t think that these two are the top who control every political matter of this  country.

Unlike our world, this world doesn’t have that many countries, races or ideologies. In terms of countries, there’s only [Imnesia Kingdom], [Elfreim], and  [Abenelm.] Rather than saying different ideologies, it’s more like that are 3 different religious groups that have three different gods they worship. Humans like us, Beastmen like Mururu and Demihumans like Feirona. There’s no trade with the demons so there’s no connection with them at all.

I’m not interested in politics at all so I’m not well informed but the politics of this world is not as complicated as ours. Rather than a government that would follow the principles of its people, what this world required more is a vessel that would answer to the thoughts and needs of the people. In that sense, I guess a man like him is fitting to be the King. Also, he is pretty serious and wise depending on the situation as well. On the other side of the King was O’brien-san, who was currently scratching his chin looking somewhat troubled. I feel the same.

“It has been a long time My lord.”(renji)

“Don’t mind it. I’m always being helped by Yuuko and Kou. Give them my thanks as well.”(king)


“………seriously, you guys are too stiff. I said this before as well but in terms of status, you people are above than even me.”

“Oh no, definitely not.”

The king of country and Heroes from another world who saved the world.

I don’t want to think who the public would support more but I wouldn’t consider ourselves to be higher in status.  Beside King Joshua, Warren-sama seemed to be clearing his throat but the king didn’t pay attention to anyone. It’s a scene I’m used to seeing but once again, I feel like I’ll tear up seeing Warren-sama’s everyday troubles.

“Seriously. My guts went cold when you were brought in gravely injured.”(king)


“And even so, you didn’t even come to meet me after healing up. At least accompany for a drink or two sometimes.”

That’s impossible. I wanted to say that but my mouth cramped up stopping me from doing so. It might be a great honour to be told that by a king of the country but I feel like I’d be unable to even taste what I’m drinking just from the nervousness. And the day I end up saying something stupid, just what would happen to me? Thinking about that alone makes my stomach hurt. In the first place, it’d be weird for an adventurer to go around meeting the king so casually. But this man doesn’t seem to think that way it seems.

(Part 2 )

As if he understood my feelings, O’brien-san was giving a smile and Warren-sama was giving a sympathetic sigh. Really, this man should consider his position……..thinking that, I felt sorry for him as well.

To be royalty is to live for the sake of the people. I recall him saying that to me once. They are not allowed to be selfish and are to act and live for the betterment of the country and its people.

For the country, for the people, for the world.

To live and to die for such things is what it means to be royalty. Even in this world, it’s not like everyone is a good person. But still, I know those who tried to protect the world for everyone else. People who supported and aided us even when they themselves did not have much resources. They helped negotiate with Elfreim, with whom they were at odds with back then, solely for our sake. And there were people who fought against demons with us even when they held no special powers.

All of them are people I truly respect, and one of those is this man.

That’s why……….

“Well, after the tournament has ended, I’ll go for a drink with you…….I guess.”(renji)

“Kuku. I see, I see. I’ll look forward to it.”(king)

Saying that, I felt like I regretted it already.

My stomach hurts just thinking about going for a drink with the king himself. This isn’t even the first time I am going for a drink with him either yet I really can’t get used to this. When the time comes, I am definitely dragging either Utano-san or Kuuki along with me.

“It’ll be nice we get to celebrate your victory with drinks and fish as well!”(king)


So it comes down to that. Seeing my reaction, I wonder what King Joshua thought as he laughed *kakaka*. Rather than a king, he really looked more like a playful old man you could find anywhere. Even O’brien-san gave a small laugh.

“Please be relieved. We shall do our best to put up a great show that you can truly enjoy Milord. Ain’t that right, Renji?”(ob)


“What’s with that pathetic reply, fool. You’re in front of the king.”(ob)

Guh, putting me in trouble, O’brien-san reproached me with an amused voice. Most of the people in the royal castle know of my true strength. Probably only the newer employees would be unaware of that. Of course, the King and Prime Minister are also aware.

That’s how famous my normalcy (read as- weakness) is. But even then, they keep on making such unreasonable demands out of me. In fact even people I expect to get me out of such trouble somehow end up saying things that put me in more mess.

“Nowadays, even Amalda enjoys spending time with Yuuta more than me. Help me with my loneliness, Renji.”(king)

“I don’t know how much I can help you, but I shall try my best milord.” (renji)

“umu. But, don’t be reckless okay? There are far too many people that worry whenever you get injured. Isn’t that so, Prime Minister?”(king)


“And also..”

Then, his tone became a bit heavier, more serious.

Those words were spoken as a king, not just an old man. As the man who leads this country.

“The ones that need to be entertained are the people. Even though the threat of the Demon God has been removed, the world is still far from being peaceful. Even if only for the time till the tournament ends, I hope that the people can forget about demons and monsters and enjoy the fights.”

“I’ll give my all to rise up to your expectations, Milord.”

“Fuh. You didn’t have to speak so formally there though. Just a normal ‘Understood’ would suffice.”


Giving the reply, I moved to the side and let him move on.

It seems our talk had gathered quite a lot of attention as when the king finally moved, the crowd surrounding split to give him way making him look like Moses. I looked at king Joshua’s back as he walked away. Among the various gazes, I saw a familiar woman with blonde hair—-Ms Francesca was also there. I was about to scratch my head in embarrassment as usual but stopped. Not in front of the king, it’d be rude. That man probably wouldn’t care about it though.

[fufu. Looks like you’ve finally lost all escape routes, eh?]

“I doubt I had one in the first place.”

I replied that to Ermenhilde.

As one of the summoned, as one who killed a god, as one who people depend upon, I’ll take part in the tournament. Then, I know I cannot give an unsightly performance.

At least, in my own way, I’ve decided to try my best. No matter who my opponent, I just have to fight with my all.

………The fact that I still couldn’t say that I’ll definitely win is, uncool, or maybe, I’m still tense.

“Now then, let’s get out of here.”

Souichi and others are still with their classmates, I couldn’t see Utano-san either. Her dress must have been too uncomfortable and she must have gone back to her room. I want to ge5t out of 5this armour asap as well. Though we had them made specifically for ourselves, I guess you never can get used to such difficult to move in clothes. I couldn’t even wear light armour even back then.

I did see Ms Francesca but I shouldn’t go talk to her right now. Even if she is a daughter of a noble family it’d be troublesome for her to gather unnecessary attention as well.

“Huh, Renji-niichan, you’re going back already?”

Just when I was about to leave the cathedral, this time Souichi came up and spoke to me. His armour seemed to be much more easy to move in than mine but since Souichi was also like me who preferred dodging above blocking attacks, he was not very comfortable in it either. As he walked towards me, his movements looked a bit awkward as well.

“Yeah. I’m bad with such formal ceremonies after all.”(renji)

“Again you……..At least go talk with Aya for some time.”

“As her childhood friend, that’s your job.”


Saying that, he gave a sigh. He hasn’t changed much in this sense. I felt warm inside seeing his usual actions.

“So, where is Aya by the way?”(renji)

“There, talking to her friends.”

“……..then is there even any need for me to keep her company?”

She’s talking with her friends, her comrades, with whom she’d be fighting tomorrow in the team battles.

Hearing that, I looked towards her. In a group of girls dressed in school uniforms, a single girl was in a robe. With black hair, rare in this world, the girl was talking happily with her friends.

That’s good. As a 18yr old child, looking at her talk with friends normally feels much better. Yayoi-chan was among them as well but she was looking towards us instead. That said, she’s probably looking at Souichi. Thinking that, I turned my gaze back to Souichi.

“Wait, do you not have any friends?”(renji)

“I do!?”

Then go talk with them rather than me.

“C’mon even Aya is talking with her friends, you should go as well.”(renji)

“But look. Except me, all of them are girls.”


Hearing that, I glanced towards their group once more.

Certainly, there was not a single boy in the group. The number of participants in a team were 5 and there are also some reserve members but all of them were girls. Souichi was the lone boy. I guess he would feel a bit awkward in there.

Harem is nothing but an illusion when in fact, it’s just a bed of thorns.

“I guess you have it rough as well.”(renji)

“Could you stop pushing me to them anyway while saying that?”

“I’m envious of your life, being surrounded by such pretty girls.”

“Stop lying!”

True, I don’t feel a shred of envy.

But of course. A party full of men sounds disgusting but a party with all girls would be tiresome. Men and women are completely different creatures.

While I was playing with Souichi like that, this time Masaki-chan, leading a few men behind her came to us. Here, unlike Souichi’s party, their group had 3 girls and 3 boys. Or rather, I’m really surprised how the Magic Academy’s team turned up with all girls like that. I became a bit curious of their selection criteria.

“You guys seem to be having fun as usual, Souichi, Yamada-san.”(masaki)

“I’m not really enjoying this though……”(souichi)

“Stop sounding like a wuss when you’re a guy.”(masaki)

I’m pretty sure this guy doesn’t have gynophobia. I guess he’s just become tired of being surrounded by too many women all the time. Even luxury has its price. Yup. It seems Souichi’s bad luck with women isn’t going to end any time soon. As I enjoyed seeing Souichi’s plight, *kacha* a dry sound came to me. Masaki-chan had rest her hand on the katana on her waist. She was also dressed in an extravagant dress as expected of a Hero but she was wearing a skirt below. It must be difficult to move for her as well. For us who fought against the Demon God, outfits like this that focus on looks feel nothing more than a hindrance after all.

But still, I guess women still enjoy dressing up as she seemed to be in a good mood. People like me and Souichi only feel stressed dressing up though.

But well, even though due to in a good mood, seeing a girl smiling while having a hand on a katana is pretty scary.

“Don’t go easy on me okay? Of course Souichi as well.”(masaki)

“Of course. I don’t intend to lose either.”(souichi)

“I’m not even taking part in the team battles though.”(renji)

Individual battles were day after tomorrow. If I could win against O’brien-san, it’d be in the 3rd round where I fight Masaki-chan.

Getting to fight Souichi in team battles then also having a chance of fighting Souichi in the individual matches again and also against Kuuki, she must be super excited. Even though she has the looks of a Yamato Nadeshiko, she’s battle maniac at heart. Maybe for the same reason, her comrades behind her also gave the same atmosphere. All of them were battle maniacs. Is this some kind of nightmare?

“It’s fine Yamada-san, I’ll take it out on you in the individual battles.”(masaki)


Why did she say my name while saying that she was going to take it out on me!?

I really didn’t understand what she meant. Looking at my confusion she, with a smile that could be accompanied with a halo, replied.

“Aya or Yuuko-san may not get angry with you but I will.”

“Wha, uh, whaa…….?

“Disappearing so suddenly, making us all worry. And when you finally come back after so long, you were so like ~poyaa.”

What is this? Even though Masaki-chan is smiling, I am getting really scared here. This is that, it’s similar to when utano-san gets angry. When she gets angry, rather than raging like a fire, she becomes still and calm like the surface of a lake even though deep inside she’s…….well, like that.

How strange. Masaki-chan only got angry when something concerning Souichi happened. Thinking of that I gave a sidelong glance towards Souichi who is used to facing her anger. Even her comrades took a step back sensing that Masaki-chan was angry.

By the way, Souichi was distancing himself from me. So, I grabbed his shoulder and brought him back to my side.

[I don’t get what that ~poyaa~ means but true, Renji has been lifeless lately.]


“You shut the hell up.”(renji)

Seeing Masaki-chan strongly agree with my dense partner, I slapped the medal from above my trousers with the hand that wasn’t holding on to SOuichi.

“And so, 3rd round, I’m looking forward to it.”(masaki)

“Ah, sure.”(reji)

Was she satisfied with just that, she turned around and walked away. Her long hair that went even below her waist swayed around like a tail.

“Hmm, what would happen in case I never made it as far as the 3rd round though?”(renji)

“She’ll probably catch in the training grounds sooner or later?”(souichi)

So I have to fight her no matter what eh? No well, I don’t mind but I am a bit scared. She won’t try to actually kill me right? I think not.

[It seems your reasons to win and advance just increased.]

“Don’t sound so happy.”(renji)

[But I am happy.]

This only makes me more terrified though.

Even if we’d be using dulled blades, it still hurts when you get hit by those. Even if she’s not used to using western swords, with physical abilities rivalling those of Souichi, facing the [Demonic Sword user] in battle was nothing short of a nightmare.

“Well, I’ll give my best anyway.”(renji)

[Yeah. Give it your all, Renji.]

She said that. Her expectations rose for me. Then, I have to work hard.

And——if it makes you happy, I’d even try winning it. Without saying that, I just thought that in my heart.

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