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KENS Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Start of the Journey (1)

Opening a very typical looking wooden treasure box inside the treasury, I found the full set of a very familiar equipment.

Inside the room full of items that didn’t have much practical use, like armour, swords, robes and other such items decorated with ornaments, that chest really looked old. That also made it stand out the least inside the whole treasury.

It’s not a place where thieves could enter anyway but still, I examined the equipment kept purposely in a way that it wouldn’t stand out. A set of clothes and a mantle, along with leather gloves and boots. The clothes, though also made out of leather, felt very soft and there was also a belt to tighten the clothes to perfectly fit the body. There was also a holster for throwing daggers along with the daggers themselves that had been created with such a magic that they’ll definitely hit the target once thrown. And also a knife I can use when not using Ermenhilde. This one was made out of a dragon’s fang, it was only a lower rank dragon though. The mantle had the protection of wind spirit Sylph and also had an effect that lessens the impact when falling from tall places. Near the chest portion of the mantle was an ornament crafted by an elf. This small ornament also held magical energy that lightens the weight of the equipment I was carrying.

All of it looks pretty similar to what I usually wear now but its in a completely different level in terms of defensive ability. After all, these were created by Kudou using the raw materials obtained from top class monsters and demons of Abenelm. Defeating just one of those would take tens of adventurers to fight together, that’s how fearsome each and every one of those monsters were. These aren’t available normally in the market, and the set is a custom made one solely for my use. Not just in terms of defensive ability, but even in terms of magical defense, and against breath attacks of dragons and demonic beasts, it is able to withstand it, even if only a bit. With just this alone, one’s survival rate would get higher by a lot.

“Oh, found it.”

[Finally, eh?]

As I brought it out, it was very light. It felt a bit dusty, probably because I hadn’t used it in a long while. But for something I hadn’t even touched for a whole year, it’s still in pretty good shape. It looks like they made sure that nothing gets damaged.

“Did you find yours already?”

“Yeah, what about you?”(renji)

“Not yet, still looking.”

While I was thinking of first drying the clothes a bit after leaving here, a voice called towards me from the other side of the treasury.

That voice came from the other side of all the armour sets lying in here. Holding my clothes, as I walked towards there, with a nice shaped butt facing towards me, Utano-san was bending over looking for items that will be of use during a journey. To avoid any intruders inside there were no windows here so under the faint light of the magic lamp, I could see her butt swaying. And since she wore a tight dress, I could even notice every slight movement as well. If I had to say even further, the line of her underwear slightly visible over her dress made it even more seductive.

So as to not lose to temptation, I averted my gaze to look and touch at the various armour sets that would be useless in an actual battlefield. They seemed pretty well maintained as not a single speck of dust came on to my fingers. Well, I guess its normal for the treasury to always be well maintained. Probably.

Inside my head, I calmly analysed the various armours kept here.

[What happened, Renji?]

“Nah, just thinking that this armour would really sell for a lot.”

[I guess. It has a lot of decorations but has no magical properties attached and also looks pretty heavy though.]

“Well, it’s only courtesy-use armour so this is fine.”(utano)

Without looking towards me, she talked with her butt still facing me. No, but, really Utano-san. Since she was probably looking for something kept deep inside, her butt was moving left and right a lot.

If Ermenhilde wasn’t here with me, what would I have done? Is this because I worked too hard in the past few days? I have been really conscious of Utano-san these past few days. Or rather, Utano-san has been a bit too defenceless. But it’s normal for me as a man to feel like this while being alone in a dark place with a woman right? Well, Ermenhilde is also with me though.

Back then, she was more wary and showed less openings. Or maybe she’s tempting me knowingly?

No, that’s not possible since Ermenhilde is with me. But that means Utano-san really has grown a bit more relaxed. Well this is like an interval between one big event and another. In the end she’s also just a human. Even if she can use super powerful magic, she can’t be cautious of her surroundings all day and night. It’s is important to relax your nerves like this once in a while, she knows this as well. Then it means she’s simply just relaxed right now. It’s quite complicated as a man but it also felt good to see that I am trusted that much by her.

“If you need anything else as well, you can take it you know? King Joshua has given full permission after all.”(utano)

“Even if say that…”

My next journey. Since it’d be difficult to gain support from the country for such a cause, we were told that we could at least use the treasury and its items freely. On Imnesia we can still pass through with money but the concept of money itself doesn’t exist on Elfreim. So Utano-san has been choosing various items and ornaments that could be used for barter. I can differentiate between what’s practical to use and what’s  not but when it’s comes to accessories and ornamental items, I have no idea what’s good or bad. At most I can tell what would suit who. And barely make out if something is fake. And even that’ll be tough if I have not seen the actual items many times already. I honed that skill desperately in my previous journey. After all before that, I was so useless in that sense that it was almost a burden.

While I looked around the surroundings, I could only think about how all these weapons were so impractical. Since I don’t possess magical energy as well, even when I know an item has a magical protection, it’s still useless to me. My constitution really is inconvenient.

Holding up a small engraved ring, I played with it twirling it around between my fingers. Shining the light of the lamp on it, I saw that it was engraved with Elven letters. And going by what’s written, it will enhance the physical abilities of the wearer slightly.


[Thinking of gifting it to someone?]

“That might be a nice idea.”

Rather than saying gift it, it’s more like having them use it. If its Feirona or Ms Francesca, they should be able to use it. Mururu’s arm/hand size changes when she fights so rings would only be in the way. Now that I think about it, I had not yet given her any present to congratulate her performance in the tournament so I’ll give this to her.

I thought that but then again, I felt like if its to congratulate her, it might be nicer to prepare something myself. Randomly handing over an item from the treasury lacks any emotion after all. In either case, I put the ring inside my pocket and looked for other things.

[What’s that to the right? Is that a potion?]


Looking towards where she told, I saw chemical like substances kept there of various colours. Shining the lamp on one them, the faint light passed through it. On its label, a difficult to pronounce name was written. Looking at the backside, the contents were written. Looks like it’s a strong paralysis drug.

You can’t call it a potion but I wonder if it could be of use somewhere. But using poisons is a pretty difficult task on its own so I decided to return it back to where I picked it from. And I picked the bottle next to it. As expected, this one had a difficult to pronounce name as well. But this one was quite less in quantity compared to the other one. Even though that one was filled to the brim, this one’s only slightly less than half full.

[What’s that?]

“Let me check.”

This is……..looking at the back, numerous names of herbs were written and it was labelled as a stimulant. It’s less quantity, and the fact this was a stimulant, hmm, could this be…

[Is it a potion?]

“No, this isn’t it.”

[Then, it’s useless.]

It is useless, but it kind of makes me curious. Seems really interesting after all. Looking for more similar things, I picked the next bottle.


Just when I was about to check its contents, suddenly Utano-san spoke up. Like before, with her butt still towards me. I ended up putting the two containers inside my pocket. No, it was purely by reflex, really. I do think I shouldn’t have done that though. I’ll reflect on it…….probably.

“I heard the destination of your journey but still, how long do you think would take till you can return?”(utano)

“Who knows. Maybe half a year, or one full year………..”

It could be longer, but it could be shorter as well.

“I really can’t tell.”(renji)

“I see.”

When I said that honestly, she answered with an even flatter voice than usual.

“hm……well, this should do.”(utano)

While I was wondering if she got angry due to seeing my lack of any plan, Utano-san stood back up straight and took a breath. In her hands was a light looking bag filled with items.

“With this much, you should be fine for a while.”(utano)

“Yeah, thanks.”

[Thanks, Yuuko.]

“Oh now that’s rare, for you to thank me so honestly.”(utano)


“Normally you’d say something to the contrary, and be uncooperative.”

“And here I thought I had always been giving my thanks properly though……”

Have I always spoken in that way to her? I know when I’m just teasing her but, when thanking——I am sure I did it properly. While I stood there lost for words, she must have found my reaction amusing as she gave a giggle while hiding her mouth.

“I’m just kidding. You do say ‘thank you’ when you need to.”(utano)

“Thank goodness.  I’d feel bad for you if I had not been thanking you properly after all.”

“In only that sense, you’re pretty serious aren’t you?”

“………what do you mean ‘only that’?”


You’re taking Utano-san’s side as well, Ermenhilde? While feeling a bit sad, I took the bag from her hands. Even though it fit right in my palms, the bag was actually pretty heavy.

Was my sad face amusing as Utano-san rested her back on the shelves she had been searching just now and looked at me gently. The fact that her eyes still looked pretty sharp, I probably shouldn’t say that.

“You will return properly this time, right?”(utano)

“Of course. I will……I haven’t paid back your debt anyway.”

“That’s true. Don’t you forget to properly pay me back okay?”

“I’m not that dishonourable I think.”

“Yes……..I know that, very well.”

And this time, with a smile that anyone could tell that it was a proper smile, she looked at me.

“But, back to the problem at hand. That girl called Solnea, how are you planning on turning her into the Demon God?”(utano)

“Well. I was told to lead her to the throne of Gods but I’m not sure where exactly that is. So for now, I plan on taking her to the place where I killed Nayfell.”

“I see. Looks like it’ll be a harsh journey.”

“Not really. I have been there once after all. My prior knowledge should come in handy.”

The ecology and specialities of the monsters living in Abenelm and places where Demons gather, and the whole topography as well. If I were to use all that info properly, I alone should be able to make my way to the Demon God’s castle as well.

“I trust you on that. All said and done, somehow you are the one who has the highest survival abilities out of all of us after all.”(utano)


“You and Hiiragi-kun both. Only you two can make food out of monsters, and can also tell between all types of herbs and wild grasses.”

“Not all of them.”

“But, you can tell which are edible right? That alone is pretty amazing in my opinion.”

“If we’re talking about such things, then can’t you read even ancient elven and dwarven letters? You can even hear the voices of the spirits as well.”

That seems more useful while travelling to me though. Well, if I said that we’ll start talking around in circle though. So, as normal, I praised her as well before ending the conversation.

[So Renji, do you have some kind of proper idea?]


[To make Solnea into a Demon God that hates fighting, that is.]

“Well, by showing her the daily lives of people, treating her to tasty food, showing her beautiful scenery………”

[Can all that alone make one like people?]

“I think so.”

Ermenhilde spoke in a fed up tone but I ended up laughing at that. Giving a glance, I saw even utano-san hiding her mouth.

“I know a God who came to like humans like that after all.”(renji)

[Astraera-sama, eh?]

“Hmm, who knows.”

That one, only needed tasty food to turn like that though.

But, while feeling amused at Ermenhilde, I felt slightly sad at the same time. Eru’s memories will not return. No, because Eru and Ermenhilde are completely different existences in the first place, I should say that Eru now only exists within our memories.

But still, that sadness was only slightly there. I didn’t sigh like before. While laughing, I only felt a small stabbing pain inside.

And soon enough, I will stop feeling even that small pain as well.

At that time, I’m sure, I will definitely cry.

[What’s wrong, Renji?]


“You were in a daze. Are you tired perhaps?”(utano)

“Not really. I was just thinking of the Goddess that humans all love.”


“………I see.”(utano)

Ermenhilde made a confused sound but Utano-san instantly understood my thoughts from just that.

Eru’s death. The only ones who know about it are me, Utano-san and Koutarou who I’ll meet in Elfreim. If I don’t tell that to anyone ever, I’m sure these two will keep it a secret as well. But then, the girl called Eru will……….will the Goddess’ death will only be known and then forgotten among us three? (T/N: Just reminding, and from what I have understood, that Eru was born by dividing original Astraera’s energy. So the current Astraera is only the other remaining half of the original Astraera while the other half (Eru) is dead. Which is why Renji in the last chapter called Astraera as only one part of her I guess. So I guess in a way, the original Goddess is also dead since Eru (who was a one part of the original) is dead?)

When I thought of that, once more I felt a stabbing pain in my chest.

“After this journey is over, there is something I need to tell you as well.”(renji)

[To me?]


[fumu. I don’t expect much but let’s just say that I’ll be waiting for it.]

“So are you looking forward to it or are you not? Which is it?”

[Whenever you say something like that, you tease me as well so I don’t expect much…….but I am looking forward to it as well.]

“So basically, you enjoy getting teased by me?”

[No! Not teasing—-but I do enjoy talking to you.]

“Fuh…… are really are a weird one.”

[I can’t help it. I’m you part–……weapon after all.]

You, were about to say ‘partner’, weren’t you? She seems to have realized it as well as the atmosphere became a bit awkward.

“I get that you two get along well but don’t just forget me and get lost in a world with just you two there, okay?”(utano)

“No, no, we don’t get along that well.”(renji)


When I said that giving a joking shrug, Ermenhilde made a displeased sound. But this is usual. Utano-san, walked towards us silently and with her pretty finger, touched my cheek.


Anyone would call her expression to be a smiling one but for some reason, only to me, it felt like she was crying.

To change the mood, I took a breath and the spoke in a much livelier voice.

“This should be enough for now, after all we’ll be going to Merdiore on a carriage.”(renji)

“You sure?”

“Well, I might find some interesting things so I’ll do the rest of the shopping there.”

“Then, let’s leave this place shall we?”

Saying that Utano-san left the treasury. Chasing her footsteps, I also left the place. The door to the place was a simple wooden one but two soldiers were permanently on guard at the doors.

Those soldiers saluted us as we left.

“So, you think you can wear those?”(utano)

“It’s a bit dusty.”(renji)

“Then, let’s get a place and wash them properly first.”

“At the same time, might as well bask it in the sun as well.”

“Sounds great.”

No, I was just kidding though.

But with just that, I felt like Utano-san’s footsteps became slightly lighter. Her eyes are still the sharp as usual but she was playing around with her long hair, twirling it between her fingers. That’s her habit whenever she’s in a good mood.

Even though her expression was same, the fact that I was able to tell her mood from just a small habit like that was proof that we have really travelled together a lot. Realizing my gaze, Utano-san gave a puzzled look at me.

“You seem to be in a good mood.”(renji)

“……..Not really.”

But still, she continued to play with her hair. The fact that she herself wasn’t aware of this habit made it even lovelier. Should I tell her that?

What kind of fool would do that, I wonder?

(Part 2)

The place we were heading to was something like a back garden. The place where maids usually do stuff like laundry. I’m sure nobody would have a problem if I dried my equipment there. Since the sun is high right now as well, it’s the perfect time to bask the clothes in the sun.

Even later, many soldiers and knights, nobles passed by us as we headed towards this rear garden. There was already a person there before us as well, and it was not a maid washing some clothes.

It was a woman with long silver hair wearing lightly decorated white dress——King Joshua’s only daughter, Princess Amalda Imnesia, was sitting on a bench relaxing. She didn’t have her usual dignified expression that I normally saw during the tournament, instead, she was simply in thought while making a warm and comfortable expression, looking far away. As I was looking at her thinking about her atmosphere was different than usual, she realized our presence and turned towards us.

“Ara?”( amalda)

“Well if it isn’t Princess Amalda——“(utano)

“Fufu. No need for that formal tone, no one else is here right now.”



She changed her way of talking so easily?

What is this? In the time I wasn’t here, did these two get closer to each other?

Back then, they were more strained, or rather, Princess Amalda always seemed scared of Utano-san. Well with that gaze and way of talking, anyone would get scared of Utano-san. But still, really, a lot can happen in one year. I think maybe this is somewhat like what Urashima Tarou felt like. (T/N:Google Urashima Taro to learn about his folk tale.)

While feeling a bit confused, I went along with Utano-san towards Princess Amalda.

“Princess, please excuse us as we work here for a while.”(utano)


“Yamada-kun, give the coat first.”

Being told that I gave her my coat I was holding in my left hand as Utano-san, even though we were in front of the princess, began to dust off my clothes without paying any mind.

Really, is this okay? It’s kind of rude, or rather, it’s making me feel a bit nervous. Thinking that I looked towards Amalda but she was looking at Utano-san as if she was doing something incredibly fun.

“That looks like fun. May I help as well?”(amalda)


“Sure, I don’t mind. Yamada-kun, give the trousers next.”(utano)

Ehhh……….. I looked at Utano-san to confirm once more but she didn’t even look at me as she was busy with dusting off my coat.

Like really, is this okay? While thinking that, I gave Princess Amalda the trousers as told. As I did, with a smile, the princess started flapping and dusting off the trousers along with Utano-san. Her slender arms seemed to lack strength making it look really dangerous. While I continued to look over Princess as she worked, I handed over my mantle to Utano-san next as told.

After they had finally dusted off my boots and leather gloves as well, both the women sat down on the bench together while panting slightly. Well, the princess aside, why does Utano-san have such low stamina as well?


“You haven’t been exercising much recently?”(Renji)

“……….I specialise more in desk work, that’s all.”

[So, she says.]

She always said that didn’t she. While thinking of that, I spread my throwing daggers and Knife on the ground. Taking it out of the sheathe, I confirmed the condition of every blade by putting it against the sunlight.

They are all in perfectly usable condition. Throwing one of the daggers, it flew a bit before stabbing into the ground.


The moment I muttered that, that dagger returned back to my hand. There were 7 of such daggers. I tested each and every one of them properly one by one.

“Such an interesting blade.”(amalda)

“Well, an elf made these after all.”

Saying that, next I swung around the knife acrobatically to test its condition. This one, seemed to be fine as well. As weapons I will be depending on against the monsters and demons of Abenlem, they are trustworthy indeed.

When I finished, I heard a small applause. Looking that way, it was princess Amalda.

“For showing me something really interesting.”(amalda)

“No, no. this isn’t anything special at all.”(renji)

I put the knife back in its sheathe. Ermenhilde remained silent probably because she still in a bad mood. It was when I used the mithril sword as well but as expected, Ermenhilde doesn’t like it when I use any other weapons. While smiling wryly at my partner’s lovely temper, I slowly cleaned off the dirt that stuck to each of the daggers.

“So, you two seem to have gotten pretty close.”(renji)

“I don’t quite understand what you mean, Renji-sama?”

“No, I’m just surprised. That Utano-san actually has a friend she really gets along with that’s all……”

“You’re implying that I don’t have friends, is that it?”(utano)

“No way, just your imagination.”(renji)

When I gave a shrug, she gave a clear sigh. Since I was on the ground and she was on the bench, it ended up with me getting glared down at by her with cold eyes.

And the fact that I didn’t really mind it was proof that there was definitely something wrong with me as well.

“Haah. So princess, why are you here?”(utano)

“Just, wanted some time to think.”

“Something to think about?”


I wonder what it was. While wiping of the third dagger, I continued listening to their conversation.

“I have thought of this before as well but……..”(amalda)


“Yuuta-sama is a bit too kind, I feel like.”

…………umu. Even though she said that with such a serious atmosphere, why is that I almost dropped my dagger in reflex?

“Let me ask this first and foremost.”(renji)

“Ah, what is it, Renji-sama?”(amalda)

“This conversation, is it fine for me to hear it?”

“I don’t mind. In fact as a man, I would like to hear your opinion on this as well.”

“Yamada-kun’s opinion?……….i wonder if that would even be of any use.”(utano)

[What are you talking about?]

“Something you don’t really have to worry about.”(renji)

[Why? I want to hear it as well.]

Why is my partner so curious in only such weird things?

“So, what did you hope to ask about Kuuki?”(renji)

“There’s no one here right now. You don’t have to speak so formally, Renji-sama.”(amalda)


Looking towards Utano-san, she shook her head as well. Looks like she must have been forcibly changed like this as well.

“So, what did that Kuuki do?”(renji)

“No, in fact, it’s that he doesn’t do anything………..even last night.”(amalda)

Oh no. I don’t want to hear such things from a girl’s mouth. Was it because I still had an ideal fantasy image of a girl in my head? Well, Princess Amalda is 18 now and Utano-san is 28 this year. Neither could really be called a girl anymore——



I think, humans can die just by being glared at. How many times have I thought that after coming to this world. As I turned my gaze down to the dagger in my hand without letting anyone realize, I felt like timid herbivore animal.

“So, what happened last night?”

“So last night, I visited his bedroom but………..”

So that guy’s a late bloomer as well, or rather a more passive kind of guy eh?  It’s amazing how he was able to control himself even when a beauty like Princess Amalda came to his room.

“………But I ended up falling asleep first.”(amalda)

“Wait what!?!”(renji)


“Ah, sorry, it’s nothing please continue.”

Oh shit, this princess is an airhead.

Back then I thought of her as a girl who has lived an overprotected life but she turned out to be simply a natural airhead.

“But, he didn’t do anything to me even though I was sleeping……..”(amalda)

[But he did sleep beside you right?]

“Yes, of course but still.”

Kuuki, you’re actually amazing. I could only feel amazement at his self control powers. Or rather, really, is it fine to tell something like that to a man like me? I questioned for the Nth time, but still had no answer.

“Since this will be the first time for both you, I do think that it’d be better if both of you were properly conscious this time at least. It’ll be a precious memory as well after all.”(utano)

Somehow the way you spoke it made it sound really lewd, Utano-san.

Huh, I wonder why women are able to talk of such things so well? While feeling a bit timid, I put more strength in my arm cleaning the dagger.

“But that means I can’t tempt him, make him drunk, or look at him while sleeping?…….I’m starting to lose confidence.”(amalda)



I, honestly, cannot hide my surprise of the fact that you are such carnivore. Even though her looks and atmosphere is that of a dignified lady, to think she’d be like that inside…………Women are really scary. And above all, she’s unaware of her own nature, or rather, everything she thinks of revolves around Kuuki. Utano-san was giving me glances but I have no way of helping this.

I know Kuuki’s personality. He really treasure the princess with all of his heart, I’m sure. And though that should make the princess feel happy as well, she also wants him to have a bit more desires, or rather, lust towards her.

……….I feel like my own thoughts aren’t making much sense right now.

“By the way, are you always consulting such things with Utano-san?”(renji)


“Yes. Yuuko-sama sometimes takes out time to listen to me.”(amalda)

“About what kind of things exactly?”(renji)

“That is a secret. It is a bit embarrassing to tell that to a man.”(amalda)

Really? After all you’ve already said? Could it be that the things she spoke of before like tempting and making him drunk be Utano-san’s ideas? Maybe the princess flattered her saying that Utano-san was experienced so she should give her some guidance or something? I realized that I was smiling without even wanting to just thinking of that scene.

Did she discern what I was thinking, Utano-san was making a surprised expression. The fact  that her gaze was going here and there must be because she was in a panic.

“So, Renji-sama, do you have some good advice for me?”(amalda)

“Well, I can’t think of anything but taking the route of frontal attack.”(renji)

“Frontal attack?”

“Invite him to dinner, drink together, create a good mood and then invite him to your bed. If it’s a guy like Kuuki, it’d have more effect than using weird tactics I believe.”

“But that didn’t work, I tried.”

“………That incompetent fool.”

“I think Yuuta-kun would also say that, but Yamada-kun, you’re the last person in the world who has the right to say that.”(utano)


Ermenhilde, seriously, who’s ally are you?

While grieving from the harsh betrayal of my partner, I went into thought. Well, 50% of those thoughts were about tonight, thinking of vulgar things that might happen to Kuuki.

“Then, I may have a nice item for you.”(renji)

“I’m pretty sure that it’ll not be anything worthwile.”(utano)

While acting like I didn’t hear utano-san’s remark, I put my hand into my pocket. It’s the stimulant drug I found in the treasury earlier. I was thinking of giving it to her, showing her the various ways to use it……….

But what I brought out was a container that was full to the brim. It wasn’t the stimulant, but the other one. The one whose contents even I hadn’t checked yet.

“What’s that?”(amalda)

“Where did you find something like that?”(utano)

“In the treasury.”(renji)

“While I was helping you, you were looking for such things?”(utano)

Utano-san’s gaze grew sharper.

“So, what is it?”(utano)

[What’s written, Renji?]

“Let’s see…………”

While putting my hand to shade against the sun, I checked the back of the container. The faint red liquid was really beautiful. Lots of ingredients names were written, and in the end——–there was an aphrodisiac.


“What is the matter, Renji-sama?”


Oh shit. This one’s even more dangerous than just a stimulant. Just when I was about to return the container back inside my pocket, I wonder what she thought of as Utano-san snapped her fingers. And from just that, the container disappeared from my hands.

In a panic I looked around only to see the container in Utano-san’s hands.


“Yuuko-sama, what’s wrong?”

This time, it was Utano-san’s turn to go silent. As expected of the Sage. She knew what kind of aphrodisiac it was. She must have taken it from me thinking that I had just found something dangerous again but she probably didn’t expect it to be an aphrodisiac. Of course, neither did I to be honest.

Right before my eyes, her cheeks slowly grew redder and redder. It’s an expression she’d never show in front of others normally. Since normally she has a sour face, or rather, an atmosphere that isn’t inviting to others, this change seemed to have really surprised Princess Amalda as well.

While looking at the change in Utano-san, I felt, that today I really might die.

Who the hell put something like that inside the treasury??

[Just what’s going on?]

“I don’t understand either, Ermenhilde-sama.”(amalda)

While listening to their nonchalant voices, I brought out Ermenhilde from my pocket and threw it slightly away from me. As if she was waiting for it, Utano-san’s fingers snapped.

Kuuki, I hope you fall in hell(read as heaven). While falling inside the depths of hell (read as pitfall), I thought that. I am happy she was at least kind enough to properly gather up my daggers inside the holster that had been lying on the ground.

Even though I am supposed to leave on life threatening journey soon………we are the same as always.

I’ll do something stupid, and then get punished. Just like we have always been.——I felt like I had returned back to that time once more. Inside the circle where my friends lived.

Well, even I think that having an aphrodisiac on me was a bit too much, even as a joke. Also, I’m really glad that none of the kids were here. Really.

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